Project Dashboard TAZ 6

Instructions for the assembly of the TAZ 6 Desktop 3D Printer

Squaring TAZ 6 Frame

how to square a taz 6 frame

TAZ 6 Final Assembly

Instructions for final assembly of the TAZ 6 3D Printer from multiple sub-assemblies.

TAZ 6 frame assembly version 2

TAZ 6 Frame assembly

TAZ 6 Heat Sink Removal

Directions for removing a heat sink from a TAZ 6.

TAZ 6 Y-Axis Assembly

Instructions for building a TAZ 6 Y-Axis Assembly

Z-Axis Left & Right Sub-Assemblies

Instructions for assembling the Z-Axis Left & Right Sub-Assemblies

TAZ 6 Printed Parts & Thermal set inserts

Instruction for identification of printed parts and thermal insert installation used on TAZ6.0

Bootloader Flashing TAZ6 Rambo

Instructions for flashing the bootloader on the TAZ6 Rambo electronics board

TAZ 6 Extruder Full Assembly

Instructions on how to assemble the TAZ extruder

TAZ 6 Control Box assembly

Assembly instructions and critical operation sequence for the TAZ6.0 Control Box

TAZ 6 Control Box assembly testing

Instructions for testing a TAZ6.0 Control Box prior to connection to a TAZ 6 product. WARNING! This process is for use only with a control box test fixture, utilizing the test gcode with a standard TAZ 6 product will result in damage.

TAZ 6 Y Axis sub-assemblies

Instructions for constructing of TAZ6.0 Y axis subassemblies

TAZ 6 X Carriage assembly

Instructions for constructing a TAZ6.0 X axis assembly


Soldering two 0603 package 100 pF capacitors to the z-min and zero sense circuits.

508C Sonic Tension Meter

Procedure for checking belt tension with the 508C Sonic Tension Meter

TAZ 6 Final Testing and Calibration

Instructions for testing and calibrating a TAZ6.0 prior to packaging for shipment

TAZ 6 Wire assemblies

Instructions for building wire assemblies for TAZ 6

TAZ 6 Packaging for Production

How to package a TAZ 6 at the conclusion of the manufacturing process