Project Dashboard TAZ 6

Instructions for the assembly of the TAZ 6 Desktop 3D Printer

Squaring TAZ 6 Frame

how to square a taz 6 frame

TAZ 6 Final Assembly

Instructions for final assembly of the TAZ 6 3D Printer from multiple sub-assemblies.

TAZ 6 frame assembly version 2

TAZ 6 Frame assembly

TAZ 6 Heat Sink Removal

Directions for removing a heat sink from a TAZ 6.

TAZ 6 Y-Axis Assembly

Instructions for building a TAZ 6 Y-Axis Assembly

Z-Axis Left & Right Sub-Assemblies

Instructions for assembling the Z-Axis Left & Right Sub-Assemblies

TAZ 6 Printed Parts & Thermal set inserts

Instruction for identification of printed parts and thermal insert installation used on TAZ6.0

Universal Tool Kit Assembly

Work flow for assembling the [AS-PK0029] Universal Took Kit.

Bootloader Flashing TAZ6 Rambo

Instructions for flashing the bootloader on the TAZ6 Rambo electronics board

TAZ 6 Extruder Full Assembly

Instructions on how to assemble the TAZ extruder

TAZ 6 Control Box assembly

Assembly instructions and critical operation sequence for the TAZ6.0 Control Box

TAZ 6 Control Box assembly testing

Instructions for testing a TAZ6.0 Control Box prior to connection to a TAZ 6 product. WARNING! This process is for use only with a control box test fixture, utilizing the test gcode with a standard TAZ 6 product will result in damage.

TAZ 6 Y Axis sub-assemblies

Instructions for constructing of TAZ6.0 Y axis subassemblies

TAZ 6 X Carriage assembly

Instructions for constructing a TAZ6.0 X axis assembly


Soldering two 0603 package 100 pF capacitors to the z-min and zero sense circuits.

508C Sonic Tension Meter

Procedure for checking belt tension with the 508C Sonic Tension Meter

TAZ 6 Final Testing and Calibration

Instructions for testing and calibrating a TAZ6.0 prior to packaging for shipment

TAZ 6 Wire assemblies

Instructions for building wire assemblies for TAZ 6

TAZ 6 Packaging for Production

How to package a TAZ 6 at the conclusion of the manufacturing process