Project Dashboard TAZ 6 TAZ 6 Heat Sink Removal Workflow

1 Getting Started


Read all steps carefully before beginning. If you are not comfortable with any of the following steps Contact Technical Support by emailing, or by calling +1-970-377-1111.

2 Required Tools

  • 2 mm driver
2 mm Driver

3 Power Off Your 3D Printer

  • Power off your 3D printer.
Power Off

4 Unplug Your 3D Printer

  • Unplug your 3D Printer
  • Unplug the USB cable if installed
  • Remove the SD card
Unplug Printer, USB cable, and SD card

5 Remove Electronics Cover

  • Use the 2 mm driver to remove the 14 screws securing the electronics cover.
Screw Locations

6 Locate Heat Sink

  • Locate the RAMBo motherboard found in the top half of the control box.
  • Gently move aside the wires on the lower half of the RAMBo motherboard to expose the heat sink.
View With Cover Removed.
Heat Sink Location.

7 Unplug X-axis Motor and Thermistor

  • Unplug the X-axis stepper motor first (indicated in green.)
  • Unplug the bed thermistor second (indicated in yellow.)
Unplug X-axis first, thermistor second

8 Remove Heat Sink

  • Using only your fingers, twist and lift off the metal heat sink from the driver chip.
Twist and lift

9 Plug in Thermistor and Motor

_Tip: The connectors will only work in one orientation and will click into place. * Plug in the thermistor __first until it clicks into place. (yellow) * Plug in the X-axis stepper motor second until it clicks into place. (green)

Plug in Thermistor and Motor

10 Replace Electronics Cover

  • Replace the 14 screws of the electronics cover using the 2 mm driver.
Screw Locations

11 Level the X Axis

  • Measure the distance from the X-axis smooth rod to the Z-axis upper connectors on the right and left side of the 3D printer.
  • If the measurements are not equal, manually rotate the right threaded rod clockwise/counterclockwise until the right hand measurement matches the left hand measurement.
  • Verify the leveling of the X-axis by measuring the distance between the X-axis smooth rod and the Z-axis upper connector on the right and left hand side of the 3D printer. Repeat the above steps until level within +-1 mm.
Measure Right
Measure Left
Adjust if Required

12 Perform Final Test Print

  • If the Z axis moves smoothly during homing and travel perform a test print. Follow the First Print section of the Quick Start Guide included with your TAZ 3D printer!

  • If you cannot home or move your Z-axis up after removing the heat sink, please contact our support team at or +1-970-377-1111

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