Project Dashboard LulzBot Mini 2 Mini 2 Hipot Testing Workflow

1 Connect Printer to Hipot Tester

Place the printer inside the clear testing box.

Then connect the power cord to the printer and place the wire clamp on the sliver ground bolt located near the power port.

Place printer in the clear testing box
Connect the printer to the Hipot Tester

2 Turn on Hipot Tester and Printer

Once the printer is connected, turn on the Hipot Tester.

Then open the door to the clear testing box and turn the printer on.

Now shut the door and make sure they are fully closed.

Turn on the Hipot Tester
Turn on the printer
Make sure to close the testing box doors

3 Run the Hipot Test

Make sure the doors on the testing box are closed, then press and hold the two green buttons until the green light turns on located above the testing box.

Verify that the Hipot Tester reads "PASS 5.0s".

If the Hipot Tester shows anything other than "PASS' or if it shows less than 5.0 seconds, notify your Line Lead.

Press and hold the two green buttons for 5 seconds
Verify that the Hipot Tester reads "PASS 5.0s"

4 Disconnect Printer from Hipot Tester

Once the printer has passed the Hipot test, turn off the Hipot Tester and printer.

Then disconnect the printer from the Hipot Tester.

Now place a tag on the printer to show that it has passed the Hipot Test. Make sure to fill out the Hipot Daily Log.

Turn off the Hipot Tester
Turn off the printer and disconnect it
Fill out the Hipot Daily Log
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