Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs LulzBot Mini 2 Einsy Retro Heat Sink Thermal Gap Filler Replacement Workflow

1 Getting started


At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBotĀ® 3D printer. Any modifications or attempted repairs that cause damage are not covered under the Warranty.

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2 Gather materials

Gather the required materials:

Thermal Gap Filler Kit
Additional Items Needed

3 Prepare assembly

Follow this guide in reverse until you reach step 2 to remove the Einsy board: Mini 2 Final Electrical Assembly

Rub and/or peel the old thermal gap filler off of the Einsy board, heat sink, and left frame plate using your fingers.

Ensure the area is free of dust/debris; blow off with compressed air if available.

Place the heat sink frame over the section of bare metal in the Einsy mounting area, as pictured.

Heat sink frame placed on clean left frame plate

4 Apply Thermal Gap Filler to heat sink

Remove one pre-cut strip of Thermal Gap Filler from the bag.

Carefully apply one of the pre-cut Thermal Gap Fillers to the heat sink, completely covering one face.

Thermal Gap Filler applied to heat sink

5 Place Heat sink in Heat sink frame

Place the heat sink into the 3D printed heat sink frame with the thermal compound facing down.

Press the heat sink firmly and evenly.

Place heat sink into the frame and onto the plate
Press evenly and firmly

6 Apply Thermal Gap Filler to top of heat sink

Remove another pre-cut strip of Thermal Gap Filler from the bag.

Apply the second pre-cut thermal compound to the remaining side of the heat sink, ensuring that the thermal gap filler covers the exposed metal of the heat sink entirely.

That's it! Proceed to re-assembly beginning with step 3 here: Mini 2 Final Electrical

Perform a test print once everything has been reassembled.

Have questions? Want advice? Contact our support team at or +1-970-377-1111.

Place thermal gap filler on top of heat sink
Thermal Gap Filler installation complete
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