Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades LulzBot TAZ 5 Aerostruder Tool Head Installation Workflow

1 Getting Started

Follow the instructions below to quickly install your LulzBot TAZ Aerostruder on a LulzBot TAZ 5 3D Printer.

LulzBot TAZ Aerostruder Tool Head

2 Included Materials

Included materials

3 Additional Items Required

You will also need

  • LulzBot TAZ 5 desktop 3D printer
  • 2.5 mm hex key or driver
Items Not Included

4 Position the Z-Axis

Power on your LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer.

Home your 3D printer by using the Graphical LCD controller to home the printer.

Raise the Z-axis through the Graphical LCD controller.

Navigate to: Prepare > Move Axis > 1.0 > Z-axis > Change the value to at least 200.

After the Z-axis stops moving, push the X-axis carriage over by hand to the middle of the X-axis.

Raise Z-axis, position X-axis

5 Power Off Your LulzBot 3D Printer

Once the Z-axis has finished moving to the shipping position, turn the printer off.

Unplug the AC power cable from the wall outlet, then unplug from the rear of the printer.

Unplug the USB cable (if installed).

Turn off printer and unplug cables

6 Replace Bed Corners

Remove the four original 3D printed bed corner fingers using a 2.5 mm hex key.

Using a 2.5 mm hex driver and the screws removed in step 6A, replace the bed corner fingers with the 3D printed lower profile bed corner fingers.

The recessed side of the bed fingers should be facing up.

Remove original bed corners and screw in low profile bed corners

7 Remove Existing Tool Head

Unplug the tool head connector from the wiring harness.

Be sure to support the tool head with your hand to prevent it from falling onto the print surface.

Unscrew the tool head mounting screw by turning counter-clockwise from the X-axis carriage with your 2.5 mm hex key. Keep the screw nearby.

Note: In previous versions of our tool heads, the Esteps were listed along the back of the tool heads for the customer to update. For the new Aerostruder tool head however, the Esteps are now set up within the firmware, and no manual updates are required.

Unplug tool head connector from wiring harness
Remove Tool Head

8 Replace Screw on Tool Head Mount

Use a 2.5 mm hex key to remove the screw in the bottom right of the tool head mount, as shown in image.

Note: Tool head mount does not need to be removed from the X-axis carriage, and is shown separately in the image for clarity.

Use a 2.5 mm hex key to replace screw with the M3x12 BHCS included with your Aerostruder tool head.

Replace screw on bottom right of tool head mount

9 Mount Tool Head

Seat the new tool head into the X-axis carriage, allowing the tool head to self-center.

Support the tool head with your hand to prevent it from falling onto the print surface.

Secure the tool head to the X-axis carriage with the M3 screw from the earlier step, screwing it in with the included 2.5 mm hex key.

Secure tool head to X-axis carriage with M3 screw and 2.5 mm hex key

10 Remove Pins & Plug in Tool Head

The LulzBot TAZ 5 tool head harness connector (v2C) includes two guide pins used to prevent the standard tool head from being plugged in backwards.

You will need to remove these two pins from the tool head harness connector. Follow this guide to remove these two guide pins.

Plug in the Aerostruder, while making sure that the red, green, white, and black wires on both connectors are on the left hand side. Mark the side of the connector on the TAZ 5 harness that aligns with the arrow on the Aerostruder Tool Head harness. The guide pins can be retained as spares.

Pull foam off of 16-pin connector piece.

Find the side of the connector piece that has a small arrow and align it with the same side on the other connection piece.

Connect the two 16-pin connectors, making sure to match them based on the pins in the connector.

Image Credit: © Brian McKelvey CC-BY "Remove 2 pins from tool head harness"

Remove 2 pins from tool head harness
Align and connect 16-pin connectors

11 Install or Update Cura LulzBot Edition

Install the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition. It is important to have the LulzBot Edition of Cura, as it has preset machine configuration profiles built into it.

Go here to install Cura LulzBot Edition

Plug in your LulzBot TAZ 3D printer to the power supply and power on your 3D printer.

Once powered on, connect your 3D printer to your computer using the USB cable.

After the firmware update has been completed, open Cura LulzBot Edition.

Open Cura LulzBot Edition

12 Setup New Tool Head in Cura

Power on the printer.

Select Settings dropdown > Printer > Add Printer

Select LulzBot TAZ 5 Aerostruder, and click Add Printer.

Select Finish.

Add Printer dropdown
Select TAZ 5 Aerostruder
Select Finish

13 Update Firmware

Power on the printer.

Select Settings dropdown > Printer > Manage Printers

Confirm the LulzBot TAZ 5 Aerostruder is selected, and click Upgrade Firmware.

Select Automatically Update Firmware.

Settings > Printer > Manage Printers
Upgrade firmware
Select Automatically Update Firmware

14 Set Hotend Temperature

Insert temperature as 205°C for Extruder 1. 205°C is the removal/print temperature for PLA (factory filament left in the tool head from calibration).

Select Heat Extruder.

Insert temperature as 205, select Heat Extruder

15 Remove Factory Filament

Once extruders reach temperature, remove test filament used during factory calibration. To remove filament, wind gear as shown in image to retract filament.

OR, you can also squeeze idler inwards, and pull filament out.

Note: Always heat the hot end to extrusion temperature before removing the filament. Removing filament at lower temperatures may lead to jamming or difficult removal.

Wind gear to retract filament

16 Load Filament

Note: If filament other than PLA is being used, refer to page 27 of the LulzBot TAZ 5 User Manual for recommended hot end temperatures. Enter in appropriate temperature value within range suggested for chosen filament before loading filament.

Load your filament into Extruder 1. Squeeze the idler arm inward and insert the filament directly downwards.

Rotate the gears by hand as shown in the image to help pull the filament into the tool head.

Purge factory filament by continuing rotating gear by hand as shown in image until extrusion transitions into your filament of choice.

Entry point for filament
Squeeze idler
Wind gear as shown to help load and extrude filament

17 Enjoy Printing with Your New Aerostruder Tool Head!

You've now finished installation and are ready to start printing with flexible and rigid materials using your LulzBot TAZ Aerostruder! Try performing a test print, such as the Rock2pus.

If you encounter issues please contact Technical Support by emailing, or by calling +1-970-377-1111.

Try out the Rock2pus for your first print!
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