Project Dashboard TAZ 5 TAZ 5 X End Idler Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • X End Idler with inserts
  • X End Plate
  • Double Bearing Holder
  • M3x12 SHCS
  • M3 Washers
  • M5x10 SHCS
  • M5 Washers
  • 608 Bearing
  • M8x35 BHCS
  • M8 Nyloc Nut
  • M8 Washer

Tools Required

  • 2.5 mm Allen Driver
  • 5 mm Allen Driver
  • 13 mm wrench

2 Assemble X End Idler with bearings

Install 2 608 bearings with a M8x35 SHCS, M8 washers, and a M8 nyloc nut.

Note, there is no washer under the head of the bolt.

Tighten the bolt all the way down.

X End Idler with components

3 Attach X End Idler to X End Plate

Attach X End Idler to the X End Plate using 3 M5x10 SHCS with M5 Washers.

Note orientation of X End Idler.

X End Idler and Plate
X End Idler attached to Plate
Note Orientation

4 Attach Double Bearing to X End Plate

Attach the Double Bearing Holder to the X End Plate using 4 M3x12 SHCS and M3 Washers.

Note the orientation of the double bearing holder.

Leave the bearing holder loose at this point.

X End Plate and Double Bearing Holder
Double Bearing Installed, note orientation of double bearing
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