Project Dashboard LulzBot Mini 2 Cable Harness Assemblies Workflow

1 Control Box Cable and Wire harnesses

Cable and wire harnesses required to complete the Mini 2 control box assembly.

Case fan harness
Chassis Ground Extension
Earth Ground Extension
Plug to Ground Post Extension
Plug to Switch Extension
PS to Ground Post Extension
PS to EinsyRetro Red Wire
PS to EinsyRetro Black Wire
Switch to PS Extension Black
Switch to PS Extension White
Z Brake Motor Jumper
Einsy to Z-Brake Power Harness

2 Large harnesses (Bed, Extruder, and YZ Motor)

Cables required to complete electrical assembly of the Mini v2

Bed Harness
Bed Harness - Igus
X Extruder Harness
YZ Motor Harness

3 Extruder Cable Harnesses

Harnesses needed to build the Mini 2 extruder.

Extruder Motor Harness
Extruder Blower Harness
Hotend Ground Wire
Heatsink Fan Harness
Thermistor Harness
v2 Aero Hotend Assembly
v2 Aero Extruder Pin Assignments
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