Project Dashboard TAZ 5 TAZ 5 Control Box Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components Required

  • 24VDC Receptacle with pre-soldered harness
  • CB Power Harness
  • CB Extruder 1 Harness
  • CB Extruder 2 Harness
  • CB XZ Harness
  • CB YZ Harness
  • CB Heat Bed Harness
  • 50mm Yellow Jumper
  • Dust Cap
  • Fan Cover w/ Fan
  • M3 Star washers
  • M3x5 SHCS
  • M3x12 SHCS
  • M3x25 Screws
  • 4-40 Flat Head Screws
  • M3 Nuts
  • 4-40 Standoffs

Tools Required

  • Regular Screw Driver
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • 2.5 mm Allen Driver
  • 5.5 mm Socket/Rachet
  • 3/16 Socket
  • Nylon Wrench, 20 mm
  • Nylon Wire Holder

2 Pulling the power harness through the rocker switch hole

Pull the power harness through the rocker switch hole with 6POS terminal block (TB) going through the CB (Control Box) first as shown

Connect the two red wires to the rocker switch, wires are reversible, but must be plugged into the bottom half of the switch as shown

Push the switch all the way in

Terminal Block going through rocker switch hole
Terminal Block through hole
Wires connected to rocker switch

3 Mount the 24VDC Power Connector-Receptacle

Clip off the cap

Slide the connector-receptacle tail through the CB first from outside of the bottom hole

Tighten nut by hand first, then by nylon wrench

Pull the 6Pos terminal block outside of the control box to have more room for tightening the nut

Note, on later TAZ 5 generations, the 24V power connector will have 2 black wires instead of yellow wires.

Cutting cap off
Connector slid through hole
terminal block outside of CB, nut secured
What it looks like when done

4 Final routing of CB power harness

Connect the 2 yellow wires from the receptacle to the TB Pos-1 & 3, then install the 50 mm yellow jumper between Pos 3 & 5

Lay out the wire harnesses with the wires laying flat against the CB as shown

Hot glue in the four locations as shown, if you don't have hot glue, electrical tape can be substituted instead

Remove the Rambo and mini-heat sink from their packages,

Remove the heat sink adhesive protector

Install the heat sink squarely on top of the Z axis (reference designator U7), press down gently onto the heat sink to set the adhesive

Install Rambo with 4x M3x5 SHCS as shown

Note, on later TAZ 5 generations, the yellow wires that go to POS #1 and #3 are black instead of yellow.

Terminals numbered for yellow wires
Routing for wires
Marked areas for hot glue
Tool holding down wires
Rambo and mini heat sink
Remove adhesive protector from heat sink
Install on Z chip (Ref Des U7)
Orientation of Rambo

5 Final routing of CB power harness, Cont.

Plug the 6Pos TB into the receptacle on the board as shown

TB plugged in
CB Power connection completed

6 Install CB Extruder 1 Harness

Install Extruder-1 14 Pos connector using far left top hole & 4x 4-40 flat head screws, Pin2 with black ground wire should be facing front(you)

Install M3 Star washer onto ground post

Route black ground wire and hook to ground post as shown

Route the 2-red extruder heat wires and the red/black fan wire under the red/yellow power harness as shown

Connect the 2 red extruder heat wires to the Extruder Heat-0 (right most slot) TB, and Red/Black fan wire to Extruder Fan-0 slot

Connect the small 2 pin connector to the 2 right pins (Picture below, arrows pointing to them) with the red wire on the right

Leave the orange thermistor and 4 wire extruder motor wire dangling outside the box

M3 Star Washer
Orientation and routing of wires
Routing of extruder and fan wires
2 Pin Fan wires connected
Wires connected

7 Install CB Extruder 2 Harness

Install Extruder-2 connector using the other top hole, Pin 2 with the black ground wire should be facing you. At the same time mount the Dust Cover to one of the 4 flat head screws as shown, then screw on dust cap

Route ground wire to ground post

Then use M3 nut to secure the ground wires to the ground lug

Route 2-Red extruder heat wires and Red/Black fan wires under power harness

Connect 2-Red extruder heat wire to the Extruder Heat-1 TB, and Red/Black fan wire to Extruder Fan-1 slot as shown below

Extruder connector installed, including the dust cover mounting orientaion
Wires attached to ground post with M3 Star washer first
Wires routed and connected
Closeup of 2 pin fan connector

8 Install CB XZ Harness

Install the Extruder-XZ 14Pos connector into the left side top hole using 4x 4-40 screws, the Pin 2 with black ground wire will be facing the top as shown

Install M3 Star washer onto ground post

Route the black ground wire and attach to ground post and secure with M3 nut as shown

Route the X Motor cable under the Extruder 2 harness to RAMBO X Motor connector

Pull the motor and switch wires out of the way for now

Orientation of connector
Orientation and ground wire attached
X motor cable plugged in
X motor routed and connected

9 Install CB YZ Harness

Install the CB YZ 14Pos connector using the left side 2nd from top hole and 4x 4-40 flat head screws; make sure the Pos 2 wire is facing the top, from the outside, the large notch in 14Pos connector will be facing up as shown

Connect Y-motor cable(Y motor cable is the grey middle cable and also the longest) to Y Motor male connector housing on Rambo as shown

Leave other cables out of the way for now

Orientation of connector
YZ connector installed
Y motor cable connected

10 Connect Z-Motor Cables, Right & Left

Continue working with the YZ connector

Connect Z-Right motor cable(which is the lowest 4 pos cable) to “Z Motor 1” male connector housing on Rambo as shown

Connect Z-Left motor(which is the highest 4 pos cable) cable to “Z Motor 2” male connector housing on Rambo as shown

Z right motor cable connected
Z left motor cable connected

11 Connect the rest of the 4-conductor Motor cables

Connect Extruder-2 motor cable to Rambo “E1 Motor” connector

Connect Extruder-1 motor cable to Rambo “E0 Motor” connector (over the top of Extruder-2 motor cable) as shown

Extruder 1 and 2, note in picture

12 Install CB Heat Bed Harness

Install the 4Pos Heat Bed connector using the 2nd side hole from the bottom, with Pin 1 position (purple wire) facing up as shown

Connect the heat bed power connector (with purple wires) to RAMBO “Heat2-Bed” TB position as shown

Orientation of connector
Heat bed connector installed with purple wire up
Heat bed connected

13 Connect the rest of the loose cables of all harnesses

Connect Extruder-1 thermistor connector (orange wires) to RAMBO male housing – bottom position as shown

Similarly connect Extruder-2 thermistor connector (orange wires) to 2nd slot from the bottom

Connect the heat bed thermistor connector (with yellow wires) to RAMBO 3rd slot from the bottom as shown, make sure the yellow wires go over the top of the orange wires

Extruder 1 thermistor connected
Extruder 2 thermistor connected
Heat bed thermistor connected, note in picture

14 Connect the rest of the loose cables of all harnesses (Cont.)

Connect X, Y, and Z Switch cables to the lower bank of RAMBO switch-male-connector housings by routing the wires under the gray motor cables in the order below

Connect the X-switch cable(black and white cable) to the RAMBO X-connector male housing (far right position). Note that the X-switch cable is from the XZ connector, Pin 6 &10, about the middle of the connector

Connect the Z-switch cable(black and blue cable) to RAMBO Z-connector male housing (far left position). Note that the Z-switch cable is from the XZ connector, Pin 9 &13, on the side toward you

Connect the Y-switch cable(black and white) to RAMBO Y-connector male housing (middle position). Note that the Y-switch cable is from the YZ connector

All the wires connected

15 Install 25-Pin Flat Cable Connector

Insert the 25Pin connector from below-inside the box with the BLUE wire on the left and the cut edge of ribbon cable facing the back as shown

Mount the 25Pin connector in place with 2x 4-40 standoffs by screwing from outside, tighten the standoff-screws to secure the connector to the box chassis

Orientation of connector
Connector attached

16 Connect the other end of LCD harness (20pin & 8pin connectors) to RAMBO

Route the LCD ribbon wires under the Y motor cable, and Z left and right motor cables as shown

Plug the 20pin connector housing (bigger ribbon wire) to the 20pin male connector on Rambo; make sure the BLUE wire is on the left and the triangle mark is on bottom right as shown

Plug the 8pin connector housing to the 8pin male SPI connector on Rambo making sure that the triangle mark is on the bottom right as shown

Red triangles in pictures mark location of triangles on the connectors

20pin and 8pin connector routed and plugged in

17 What Completed Control Box Looks Like

Everything is plugged in how it should be.

Everything plugged in

18 Connect fan and install cover

Connect Fan cable into RAMBO 2pin fan connector housing as shown

Install cover using 4x M3x12 screws and M3 washers. Make sure fan wires are located in the lower left corner of the cover once the cover is installed as shown

Fan wires connected
Fan cover orientation, note in picture
Cover installed
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