Project Dashboard TAZ 5 TAZ 5 X End Motor Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly


  • X Motor Mount with inserts
  • X End Plate
  • Double Bearing Holder
  • Motor
  • Motor Pulley
  • M3x12 SHCS
  • M3 Washer
  • M5x10 SHCS
  • M5 Washer
  • Zip ties
  • Limit switches
  • XZ Extension


  • 1.3 mm Allen Driver
  • 1.5 mm Allen Driver
  • 2.5 mm Allen Driver
  • Pulley Fixture
  • Side cutters

2 Install the Double Bearing Holder

Install the Double Bearing Holder onto the X End Plate using 4 M3x12 SHCS with washers.

Note the orientation of the double bearing holder.

Leave the Bearing Holder loose at this point.

X End plate and double bearing
Double Bearing holder installed, note orientation of double bearing holder

3 Mount the Motor and Pulley

Install pulley onto motor shaft using the fixture or approximately 4 mm from the bottom, making sure one of the set screws in aligned with the flat on the motor shaft.

Install motor onto X Motor Mount using 4 M3x12 SHCS with M3 washers, making sure that the motor is biased toward the bottom as shown.

Note Orientation of motor wires.

Make sure both set screws are tight.

Note, if you tighten the 4 motor screws and the motor can be moved around replace the 4 M3 washers with the thicker, larger M3 washers as shown.

Motor and Motor mount
Pulley set
Motor installed,note orientation of motor wires

4 Attach Motor Mount with motor to X End Plate

Using 3 M5x10 SHCS with M5 washers, attach motor mount with motor to X End Plate, note orientation.

Motor mount attached, note orientation
Another view, note orientation

5 Add XZ extension

Connect limit switches to XZ extension as shown, note orientation of wires.

Attach XZ extension to the assembly using 4x M2x10 SHCS with M2 washers as shown.

Zip tie the extension to the motor mount through the mounting point as shown, clip the excess off the zip ties

Place the motor wire into the plastic insulation with the extension and zip tie as shown

Limit swicth wire orientation
Limit swicth wire orientation
Both limit switches
Z limit switch mounted, note orientation
X limit switch mounted, note orientation
First zip tie
Second zip tie
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