Project Dashboard TAZ SideKick 289 Z Upper Assembly - SK 289 Workflow

1 Gather Materials

6x- [HD-BT0073] BHCS M5x8, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-BT0272] BHCS M5x20, Black-Oxide
6x- [HD-NT0053] M5 T-Slot Nut
2x- [HD-EX0095] T-Slot Extrusion 271mm
2x- [PP-GP0525] Z Upper TAZ SideKick
1x- [PP-GP0584] LulzBot Name Block

Gather Materials

2 Attach Z Uppers to Extrusion

Place 1x Z upper [PP-GP0525] inside the 289 Z upper jig with the magnet on the top.

Then take 2x T-slot extrusions [HD-EX0095] and slide them into the Z upper.

Following [reference#1] slide 6x T-slot nuts [HD-NT0053] into the extrusions.

Place the other Z upper inside the 289 Z upper jig making sure the extrusions are fully slide in

Using 4x BHCS M5x20 [HD-BT0272] secure the extrusions to the Z uppers.
Note: Start the screws with a screw driver, then once all four are started use the drill to tighten them.

Once the extrusions are secured flip the assembly over and using 4x BHCS M5x10 [HD-BT0073] and the four T-slot nuts inside the extrusions secure the Z uppers.
Note: To align the T-slot nuts use a tweezer or something that is not magnetized

Place [PP-GP0525] inside 289 Z upper jig
Slide 2x [HD-EX0095] inside the Z upper
[reference#1] Slide 6x [HD-NT0053] inside the extrusions
Place second [PP-GP0525] inside 289 Z upper jig
Use [HD-BT0272] and start to secure Z upper
Use [HD-BT0272] and start to secure Z upper
Using drill fully tighten all 4x [HD-BT0272]
Flip assembly over and use tweezer to align T-slot nuts with the holes on Z upper
Using 4x [HD-BT0073] secure the T-slot nuts to Z upper

3 Install the LulzBot Name Block

Remove the assembly from the 289 Z upper jig and flip it over so that the magnets are facing up.

Using 2x M5x10 BHCS [HD-BT0073] and the 289 logo jig install the LulzBot name block [PP-GP0584] to the front extrusion.

Install the LulzBot name block
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