Project Dashboard TAZ Pro X-End Left Assembly Workflow

1 Gathering the materials

The material palette for the [AS-PR0136] X-End Left Assembly:

1x- [AS-PR0129] Z Idler Assembly
1x- [AS-PR0133] X-End Motor Sub-Assembly
1x- [AS-PR0135] Z-Upper Left Assembly
1x- [PP-IS0111] X Motor Chain Mount with Inserts
1x- [EL-MT0029] NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, Moons' - NOT INCLUDING wire harness
1x- [EL-MT0056] Motor, Moons 4118S-08P-07RO
1x- [HD-BT0073] M5x10 BHCS, Black-Oxide
4x- [HD-BT0128] M3 x 6 Bolt, FHCS Black-Oxide
10x-[HD-BT0148] M3x10 BHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-MS0033] GT2, 16 Teeth, timing pulley, AL
2x- [HD-MS0411] 625-2RS Premium Two Side Rubber Sealed Bearing ABEC3
2x- [HD-RD0061] 10 mm Smooth Rod, Stainless Steel, 405mm
10x-[HD-WA0038] M3 Washer, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-WA0040] M5 Washer, Black-Oxide
1x- [PP-GP0360] Z Lower Left
1x- [PP-GP0394] Belt Anchor

Material Palette

2 Attaching the X-axis motor

Slide one GT2 timing pulley [HD-MS0033] on to the shaft of the [EL-MT0029] moons motor using the provided jig and fasten the set screw to the flat part of the shaft.
Torque to 3 in*lbs.

Fasten the moons motor to the x-end motor with 3X [HD-BT0148] M3X10 BHSC fastener with [HD-WA0038] M# washer.

Insert a [HD-MS0411] sealed rubber bearing into [PP-IS0111] x motor chain mount and fasten it to the x-motor with [HD-BT0128] M3X6 FHC fastener.

Preparing the motor
Attach the motor
Fastening the motor
Installing the x-motor chain mount

3 Assembling the Z-lower left

Install the [HD-MS0033] pulley on to the [EL-MT0056] motor shaft, being sure to tighten the set screws onto the flat part of the shaft. Torque down to 3 in*lbs.

Insert a [HD-MS0411] sealed rubber bearing into the designated spot on the [PP-GP0360] Z-lower left.

Insert the belt with the YZ idler into the slot of top of the Z-lower left, making sure that the head of the fastener on the YZ idler is facing away from the motor.

Insert the [EL-MT0056] motor's shaft into the sealed bearing making sure that you go through the belt loop. Check to ensure that the motor connector is facing away form the belt or towards the bottom of the assembly. Fasten the motor with 3X [HD-BT0148] M3X10 FHC fasteners with [HD-WA0038] M3 washers.

Note: Use the red and black ball joint drivers to fasten the motor to the Z lower left to ensure that the fasteners do not go in crooked.

Attaching pulley to Z-motor
Z-Lower and bearing
bearing in z-lower
Preparing to fasten the z-motor
Fastening the z-motor

4 Final Assembly

Slide 2X [HD-RD0061] 10mm smooth rod into the x-end motor and insert each end into the designated spots on the Z-upper left and Z-lower left.

Place the YZ idler into its designated slot on the Z-upper and fasten it using 1X [HD-BT0073] M5X10 BHSC fastener with a [HD-WA0040] M5 washer.

Tighten the Z-Axis compression hardware while moving the X-Motor End back and forth through the range of travel.
Tighten until bearing doesn't wobble on rod but still slides freely.

Place the [PP-GP0394] belt anchor, groove side face towards the grooves of the belt, and fasten with 4X [HD-BT0148] M3X10 BHCS fastener with [HD-WA0038] M3 washers. Torque the 4X fasteners to 5 in*lbs.

Slide rods into the X-motor and place into slots
Place YZ idler into slot on the Z-upper
Fasten YZ idler to Z-upper
tighten compression screw until bearing doesn't wobble on rod but still slides freely
Place belt clamp over belt on Z-motor
Fasten belt clamp onto Z-motor
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