Project Dashboard TAZ Workhorse X Carriage Assembly - TAZ Workhorse Workflow

1 Gather Parts

1x- [HD-BL0032] GT 3 Single Sided Neoprene Belt - 1164mm by 6mm
2x- [HD-BT0043] M3x35 SHCS, Black-Oxide
4x- [HD-BT0137] M3 x 8 BHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-BT0204] M3x22 FHCS, Black-Oxide
7x- [HD-WA0038] M3 Washer
1x- [PP-GP0142] X Carriage
1x- [PP-GP0143] X-Double Bearing Holder
1x- [PP-GP0378] X-Belt Tensioner
1x- [PP-GP0379] X Tensioner Clamp
1x- [PP-GP0443] X Carriage Cover
1x- [PP-GP0465] Extruder Harness Cable Guide

Gather Materials

2 Prepare belt tensioner

Cut one belt [HD-BL0032] straight with the teeth of the belt

Route one end of the belt through the tensioner [PP-GP0378] as shown.
Note: teeth of belt facing down
Secure one X Tensioner Clamp [PP-GP0379] to the tensioner using 2x- [HD-BT0137] with washers [HD-WA0038]
Torque both fasteners to 5in*lbs

Install two M3x35 SHCS [HD-BT0043] with washers [HD-WA0038] as shown.

Belt routed through tensioner
Install tensioner clamp; torque to 5in*lbs
tensioning fasteners installed

3 Attach belt tensioner to X carriage

Use one X Carriage [PP-GP0142]
Orient both parts as shown Using a 2.5mm hex driver, thread both fasteners of the tensioner into the nyloc nuts on the X Carriage [PP-GP0142]
Do not tighten

thread tensioning fasteners into nyloc nuts; do not tighten

4 Attach X-Carriage to X Double Bearing Holder

Use one X Double Bearing Holder [PP-GP0143]
Orient both parts as shown

Attach the X Carriage [PP-GP0142] to the X Double Bearing Holder [PP-GP0143] using two M3x8 BHCS [HD-BT0137] with washers [HD-WA0038]
Do not tighten

part orientation
install one M3x8 BHCS with washer; do not tighten
install another M3x8 BHCS with washer; do not tighten

5 Attach X Carriage Cover

Obtain one X Carriage Cover [PP-GP0443]
Orient both parts as shown

Place the X Carriage Cover with inserts over the X Carriage as shown.
Install one M3x22 FHCS [HD-BT0204] at the location shown leave loose
Install one M3x22 FHCS [HD-BT0204] at the location shown
torque to 5in*lbs

X Carriage cover in place on X Carriage Assembly
bottom M3x22 FHCS installed; leave loose
middle M3x22 FHCS installed; leave loose

6 Install Extruder Harness Cable Guide

Using one M3x22 flat head screw [HD-BT0204] and one washer [HD-WA0038] attach the extruder harness cable guide [PP-GP0465] onto the X carriage assembly.

X carriage and extruder harness cable guide
First place the parts together as shown.
Fasten together to 5in*lbs

7 Check your work

Examine your work and ensure all steps were followed correctly

Complete Assembly
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