Project Dashboard Mini v1.04 USB Checksum Testing Workflow

1 Get Cloned USBs

Gather Cloned USB Drives. These should already have data on them

USB Drives Gathered

2 Insert and Mount USBs

A) Plug in a single drive at a time The order is important! Start at #0 and continue counting upwards

Open a “File Manager” window

B) Click the new row labeled “lulzbot” After a moment the drive icon will no longer appear transparent

Repeat steps A and B for each drive until the USB hub is full

Plug in Order
Open File Manager
Click the new row labeled “lulzbot”
Full Hub

3 Run Verification Script

Minimize the file manager window so you can see the desktop

Double click the mini_USB_check file

Now the data on USB drives is being checked. The whole process should take around 20 minutes. Swap to other tasks while waiting for this to complete. A pass or fail status will be displayed for each device. See Image.

Launch the checksum tester
Pass or fail status

4 Unmount and Unplug USBs

Swap back to the file manager window On each “lulzbot” row click the up-arrow icon (order does not matter) Lastly, unplug all the USB drives

Unmount all Drives
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