Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades Universal Tool Kit Assembly Workflow

1 Gathering the materials

The materials needed to assemble the [AS-PK0029] Universal Took Kit:

  • 1X [AS-PK0010] 90 mm wiper pad set
  • 1X [AS-PK0027] Clam knife with label
  • 1X [AS-PK0030] Tool Sub Kit, Universal
  • 2X [TL-CS0255] Scotch Brite Maroon Pad, 2"X 3"
  • 1X [TL-CS0117] Elmer's Glue Sticks, .77oz
  • 1X [TL-HD0048] Elmer's X-Acto No. 1 Precision Knife - Aluminum
  • 1X [TL-HD0050] 6" Long Nose Pliers
  • 1X [TL-HD0468] 7 pc Long Arm Ball Hex Key Wrench Set (Metric) - Red
  • 1X [TL-MS0572} Tool bag / Travel Organizer Case
Material Palette

2 Front Pocket

Load the tool kit with following as seen in the picture:

-1 Elmer's glue stick

-2 Scotch Brite pads

-1 set of wiper pads

Front Pocket

3 Rear Pocket

Carefully place the following items in the rear pocket:

-1 Clam knife with label

-1 tool sub kit, universal

-1 Precision knife

-1 long nose pliers

-1 7 pc. hex key wrench set

Rear Pocket
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