Project Dashboard Packaging [KT-MS0007] Thermal Gap Filler Kit Workflow

1 Cut Thermal Gap Filler sheet

The Thermal Gap Filler sheets are pre-cut in small strips to fit the Einsy heatsink. For this kit, we need a small section containing four strips.

Using an X-Acto Knife with a fresh blade, cut sections of four strips from the sheets of Thermal Gap Filler.

When finished, the section of Thermal Gap Filler should measure roughly 50mm by 55mm as pictured.

Completed cut section of Thermal Gap Filler

2 Gather Packaging Materials

To complete packaging KT-MS0007 you will need:

  • 1x- [SH-PG0002] 3 x 4" 2 Mil Reclosable Polypropylene Bags

  • 1x- [SH-PG0129] Laser Labels - White, 1 1?2 x 1 1?2" (Printed)

  • 1x [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label

Materials Required

3 Apply label to bag

Carefully remove one label from the sheet, and apply it to the center bag [SH-PG0002]. Place the P65 warning label directly above the centered product label.

Label on bag

4 Place Thermal Gap Filler into Bag

Again utilizing your hands and fingers, carefully place the pre-cut section of Thermal Gap Filler into the bag.

Seal the bag.

You have now successfully completed KT-MS0007

Completed KT-MS0007
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