Project Dashboard Miscellaneous TAZ6 RAMBo 1.3L to 1.4 upgrade Workflow

1 Items Needed

Observe ESD mitigation practices: Take steps to prevent accidental damage to sensitive electronics by following ESD prevention guidelines

  • 2 mm hex key or driver included with LulzBot TAZ 6
  • 5.5 mm hex key or driver included with LulzBot TAZ 6
  • Size 1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • Side angle/flush cutters
Replacement RAMBo v1.4

2 Turn off and unplug the machine

Turn the power switch to off and make sure both the power cord and USB cord are unplugged.

Power off

3 Open the case

Using a 2 mm hex key, undo the fasteners holding the case cover.

Case cover fasteners are circled in green

4 Open the interconnect housing

Using a 2 mm hex key, remove the fasteners holding the interconnect cover.

Fasteners are circled in green

5 Disconnect the 24V power in

Disconnect the power connector from the board.

Power connector in green

6 Disconnect the LCD harnesses

Disconnect the LCD cable harnesses from the LCD screen assembly.

Connectors in green

7 Disconnect the case fan

Disconnect the case fan.

Case fan connector housing.

8 Disconnect the grounds

Using a 5.5 mm driver, disconnect the grounds.

Ground lug.

9 Disconnect the dual extruder port connector housing

Using a #1 phillips head screwdriver, remove the dual extruder port connector housing.

Dual extruder port.

10 Cut the zip tie

Cut the zip tie holding the internal harnesses.

Internal harness zip tie

11 Unplug all the interconnects

Unplug all the internal harnesses from the external harnesses.


12 Feed the internal harnesses into the control box

Carefully feed the internal harness connectors though the hole in the case into the case.

Connectors fed into the box

13 Unscrew the RAMBo mounting screws

Using a 2 mm hex key, unscrew the four stainless fasteners that hold the RAMBo in the case. They are at the four corners of the board.

Mounting screws

14 Remove the board-harnesses assembly

Carefully remove the board with the harnesses attached from the case. Check for any harnesses that may have been left connected to the case and disconnect them.

Board removed

15 Transfer all harnesses to new RAMBo

Make sure to take note of the orientation of all connectors before unplugging them.

Remove the LCD harness from the 1.3L RAMBo and set them aside. Install the new 1.4 RAMBo LCD harnesses onto the new RAMBo as shown in the picture.

Remove the bed power harness and transfer it to the new RAMBo.

Remove the dual extruder harness and transfer it to the new RAMBo.

Remove the YZ harness and transfer it to the new RAMBo.

Remove the endstop harness and transfer it to the new RAMBo.

Remove the YZ harness and transfer it to the new RAMBo.

LCD harness removed.
New LCD cable harnesses ready
LCD harnesses installed
Bed harness transfer
Dual extruder harness transfer
Extruder harness transfer
YZ harness transfer
Endsop harness transfer
YZ motor harness transfer
Wiring diagram

16 Mount the new RAMBo-harness assembly into the case

Move any wires remaining in the case out of the way and install the RAMBo assembly, making sure the USB connector goes into the hole in the sheet metal first

Use the four Stainless Steel Button Head screws to mount the RAMBo assembly.

Cables to move out of the way
USB in place inside
USB in place outside

17 Connect main power

Connect the power harness to the RAMBo. Make sure the connector housing seats fully.

Connected power

18 Re-install the extruder 2 port connector housing

Install the extruder 2 port connector housing and secure using the four Phillips head screws.

Note: Use one screw to secure the connector cover strap.

Connector housing installed

19 Reconnect the case fan

Carefully reconnect the case fan to the case fan connector as shown.

Fan connector

20 Reconnect the LCD harnesses

Reconnect the LCD harnesses as shown. The cable that connects towards the bottom of the printer on the board connects to the connector towards the inside of the case.

LCD cables connected

21 Feed the internal harnesses through the case interconnect

Carefully feed the internal wiring harnesses through the hole in the side of the electronics enclosure towards the outside of the case.

Harnesses in position

22 Connect the internal and external harnesses

Connect the connectors in the interconnect housing. Make sure each connector is seated fully.


23 Fasten the ground lugs

Using the locknut, tighten the seven ground lugs onto the ground post. Do not over tighten.

Ground lug

24 Zip tie the internal harnesses to the tie base

Install the zip tie onto the tie base as shown.

Zip tie in place
Trim excess

25 Install case covers

Align the SD card holder with the slot in the main case cover and install the cover with the screws. Then carefully install the interconnect housing cover making sure not to pinch any wires.

Cover installed

26 Power on the machine

Plug in the power cord and turn on your 3D printer.

27 Flash firmware

Follow the instructions found here to update the firmware on your printer:

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