Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly TAZ Aerostruder Packaging Workflow

1 Gather Materials


-TAZ Aerostruder assembly (AS-TH0059) x1

-Low profile bed corner, TAZ 5 (PP-GP0298) x4

-Front Aerostruder Label (DC-LB0137) x1

-Back Aerostruder Label (DC-LB0138) x1

-Colorado made sticker (DC-MS0037) x1

-Firmware Update card (DC-MS0054) x1

-CONGRATULATIONS!- Accessory Instruction Card x1

-M3x12 BHCS (HD-BT0146) x1

-ESD Foam (HD-MS0375) x1

-Tool head Box (SH-BX0055) x1

-Korrvu (SH-PA0049) x1

-Small bag (SH-PG0001) x1

-Packing Tape (SH-PG0056) x12"

-Glue Stick (TL-CS0117) x1

-P65 Warning Label (DC-LB0174) x1

Warning label and congrats card

2 Fold Box Together

Take the tool head box (SH-BX0055) and fold all the corners together to create the box itself. Follow pics to fold together the left and right sides of the box.

Fold edges up
Pull corners in towards the middle
Fold up flap
Fold flap down and into holes
Box folded together

3 ESD foam for tool head

Take the small esd foam (HD-MS0375) and place it over the pins on the tool head.

Tool head and Foam
Place foam on pins
Foam completely over pins

4 Place Tool Head in Korrvu

Take the tool head and place it into the korrvu packaging as shown. First fold up the sides of the korrvu, this will let you place the tool head under the clear plastic cover. Then fold down the same sides, this will tighten the clear plastic over the tool head holding it in place. Then we will fold up the sides with the finger holes so we can place the tool head in the box.

Tool head and Korrvu
Fold up sides
Fold wires over before placing in korrvu
Tool head under clear plastic
First flap folded down
Both flaps folded down
Finger flaps folded up

5 Place Tool Head and Korrvu into box

We will place the tool head and korrvu into the tool head box.

Tool head and Korrvu
Tool head in Box

6 Add accessories to box

Now we will take the low profile bed corners (PP-GP0298), M3x12 BHCS (HD-BT0146) and place them into a bag (SH-PG0001). Place this in the box first towards the back of the box. Then place the glue stick (TL-CS0117) and finally the Congratulations card (DC-MS0060) and the firmware update (DC-MS0054) on top.

Bed corners, screw and bag
Items in bag
Warning and Congratulations card
Corners in first
Then glue stick
Last, firmware update warning

7 Tape closed Box

Take the box to one of the Uline tape machines. Take a 12" piece of tape and place it over the opening of the box and tape the box closed.

Uline tape machine
Select 12" length
Place tape over opening
Fold down sides of tape
Box fully taped

8 Add all labels to box

Now that the box is taped closed with all the accessories we can now add all the labels. There will be a label on the front of the box, one on the back and 1 sticker on the right side of the box. Lastly, place P65 Warning Label (DC-LB0174) on the top center of the box.

Front label DC-LB0137
Back label DC-LB0138
Colorado made sticker on right side of box
P65 Warning Label on top-center of box
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