Project Dashboard Drafts Wiper pad instructions Workflow

1 Gather materials

The first thing we will do is gather our materials.

AS-PR0152 - Scotch bright pad x1

TL-HD0049 - Tweezers x1

XX-XX0000 - Elmers glue x2

TL-HD0008 - Ruler

One red pen

One mixing container

The goods

2 Measure pads

You will need to measure out the individual pads from the main sheet. Each wiper pad will measure 90 mm long and 25 mm wide. You should be able to get 14 pads per sheet. There will be a little left over. Use the red pen to mark the measurements for the pads.

Measure 90 mm
Measure 25 mm
Sheet all measured out

3 cut pads

Using a pair of scissors go ahead and cut out the pads.

Snip snip
Keep cutting
Still cutting
Finish cutting

4 Dip in glue

To make the slurry use two bottles of elmers glue and mix it with 48 fl oz of hot water. Rinse the bottles with water to get all the glue out. Use the tweezers and dip the pad in the slurry. Make sure to dip and not soak the pad.

Dip it

5 Drain pads

Place the dipped pads on a drain-able surface. It is also a good idea to place some paper towels below the trey.

Place on trey

6 Let pads dry

Now give the pads time to dry. The best way to do this is to place them in a dehydrator set at 158° F for 2 hours.

Place pads in dehydrator

7 Mark pads

Before removing the wiper pads from the dehydrator make a mark on the top side of each wiper pad. You can use the same red pen or any other marking utensil.

Mark pad

8 Remove pads

Once the wiper pads have had time to dry we can remove them from the trey. To do this use your fingers to pop them off the trey. Make sure to do this quickly like ripping off a band-aid. If you do it too slow, pieces of the pad will stick to the trey.

Get ready
Rip it quick

9 Re-dip the pad

Re-dip the wiper pads in the slurry. Keep in mind the slurry will start to separate after time so you will have to stir it up a little.


10 Dry pads

Place the pads back in the dehydrator with the mark facing down. Again set the dehydrator to 158° F and dry for 2 hrs.

Back in the dehydrator

11 Remove pads

Once the pads are dried all the way, remove them the same way we did before. Remember to make it quick when removing the pads.

Get ready
Rip it quick
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