Project Dashboard TAZ SideKick 747 Power Supply Assembly - SK 747 Workflow

1 Gather Materials

2x- [HD-BT0045] M3x6 SHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-BT0128] M3x6 FHCS, Black-Oxide
4x- [HD-BT0267] M4x8 SHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [EL-MS0414] 250V 3.15A Slo-Blo Cartridge fuses
1x- [EL-PS0046] 350W Meanwell Power Supply
1x- [EL-SW0023] Rocker Switch 20A 250V
1x- [AS-CB0127] Power Cord to Switch-GND Harness (747)
1x- [PP-GP0576] Z Flexy Power Supply Grommet
1x- [PP-GP0577] Z Power Switch Housing Cover (Green) (Black)
1x- [PP-GP0583] Z Power Switch Housing (Green) (Black)
1x- [PP-GP0585] Z Electrical Plug Housing (Green) (Black)
2x- [PP-GP0598] Flexy EH PSH Strain Relief
1x- [PP-GP0605] Z 747 Power Supply Cover
1x- [PP-GP0606] Z 747 Power Supply Mount
1x- [PP-MP0028] AC power entry module
1x- TAZ 747 SideKick Serial Number

Gather Materials

2 Mount Power Supply Cover and Mount

Using a screw driver slide the red switch on the side of the 350W Meanwell power supply [EL-PS0046] from 230V to 115V

Now place the TAZ 747 SideKick serial number on the power supply making sure the serial number is visible through the Z 747 power supply cover [PP-GP0605].

Next use 2x M4x8 SHCS [HD-BT0267] to mount the Z 747 power supply cover to the Meanwell power supply.

Then attach the Z 747 power supply mount [PP-GP0606] to the Meanwell power supply using 2x M4x8 SHCS.

Change red switch from 230V to 115V
Place the serial number on the power supply
Use 2x HD-BT0267 to mount PP-GP0605 to the power supply
Use 2x HD-BT0267 to mount PP-GP0606 to the power supply

3 Install Power Cord to Switch Wire Harness

Flip the Meanwell power supply over and feed the shorter end of the power cord to switch wire harness [AS-CB0118] through the hole on the Z 289 power supply cover.

Next, loosen the three phillips screws on the left side of the power supply (,N, and L), then slide the black wire under the "L" screw, white wire under the "N" screw and the green wire under the " ⏚".

Then tighten the three screws and tug on the wires to verify that they are secure.

Now pull the Z flexy power supply grommet [PP-GP0576] apart and slide it over the shorter side of the wire harness [reference#1]. Push the grommet in place making sure the top lays flat on the power supply cover.
Note: Make sure the flat side of the grommet is facing up

Feed short side of the wire harness through [PP-GP0605]
Place wires under correct screws and fasten screws
[reference#1] Slide PP-GP0576 around wire harness
Push PP-GP0576 in place making sure it lays flat

4 Install Electrical Plug and Housing

Remove the three wires from the braid on the short side of the wire harness. Then taking one at a time slide them through flexy EH PSH strain relief [PP-GP0598] start with the narrow side of the strain relief.

Once all three wires are through the stain relief replace the braid around the wires and slide the braid through the stain relief.

Now slide the Z Electrical Plug Housing [PP-GP0585] over the wires starting with the circular hole on the back side of the housing.

Connect the three wires to the back side of the AC power entry module [PP-MP0028] follow [reference#2] for placement guild for the three wires. Once all three wires are mounted bend the bottom two wires up and the top wire down so they are aligned with the hole on the backside of the housing.

Then push on the stain relief till it is locked into place on the electrical plug housing.
Note: follow [reference#3] for orientation of the strain relief bend

Then using 2x M3x6 FHCS [HD-BT0128] mount the power entry module to the electrical plug housing. Once mounted pull the tray out on the front of the power entry module and place 2x 250V 3.15A Slo-Blo cartridge fuses [EL-MS0414] into the two slots, then close the tray

Remove the three wires from the wire braid and slide wires through PP-GP0598
Replace wire braid around wires and slide PP-GP0598 over the wire braid
Feed the wires through the circular hole on the backside of PP-GP0585
[reference#2] attach the three wires to PP-MP0028
Bend the bottom two wire up and top wire downward
[reference#3] Lock PP-GP0598 in place and angle it away from the extrusion cutout
Attach PP-MP0028 to PP-GP0585 using 2x HD-BT0128
Pull out the bottom tray on PP-MP0028
Place 2x EL-MS0414 inside the tray then close the tray

5 Install Power Switch and Housing

Take the four wires out of the wire braid, then push the flexy EH PSH strain relief [PP-GP0598] through the Z power switch housing cover [PP-GP0577] making sure the strain relief sticks out on the opposite side of the numbers on the power switch housing cover.

Then slide all four wires through the strain relief and housing cover one wire at a time. Once all four wires are through place all four wire back in the wire braid and side the braid through the plastic parts.

Then feed the wires through the Z power switch housing [PP-GP0583] making sure to start with the side with two inserts.

Now take the black and white wires that have a black mark on the connectors and slide them onto the rocker switch 20A 250V [EL-SW0023] following [reference#4] for placement guild.

Then take the other two wires and attach them to the top two tabs matching the colors to the bottom two tabs [reference#5]

Press the rocker switch inside the power switch housing until it snaps in place then using 2x M3x6 SHCS [HD-BT0045] attach the switch cover to the switch housing

Lock PP-GP0598 in place on PP-GP0577
Take one wire at a time and slide PP-GP0598 and PP-GP0577 over the four wires
Place the wires back inside of the wire braid and slide the braid under the plastic parts
Feed the wires through PP-GP0583 start with the side that has inserts
[reference#4] Attach the wire to EL-SW0023, start with the two wires that have black marks and place them on the bottom
[reference#5] Attach the other two wires
Snap EL-SW0023 inside PP-GP0583
Use 2x HD-BT0045 to mount PP-GP0577 to PP-GP0583
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