Project Dashboard Tutorials Packing your LulzBot TAZ SideKick Workflow

1 Getting Started

Need to ship or travel with your LulzBot TAZ SideKick? Follow the instructions below to properly secure your TAZ 3D printer.

Want extra or replacement packaging material? Contact our sales team by sending an email to: Due to the custom nature of the shipping material, replacements are available for purchase only.

Note: Failure to use the original packaging material when returning a 3D printer for warranty service will cause delays and may require additional charges.

Printers that are received without the original packaging materials may be returned to sender.

LulzBot Taz SideKick

2 Remove Tool Head

Disconnect the tool head harness.

Unscrew the 3 thumb screws holding the tool head on.
Two screws are located at the top of the tool x-carriage, one is located on the back of the carriage.

Remove thumb screws from top of tool head
Thumb screw on rear of x-carriage
Tool head removed

3 Remove Y-Axis

Slide the cable covers off of the two y-axis bed connectors and y-axis motor connector.

Remove the bed heater connector retention clip from the Anderson connector and set aside. (Place the retention clip in a place it will not get lost or damaged)

Disconnect the two connectors for the bed heater and thermistor.
Disconnect the y-axis motor connector.

Remove the (4x) y-axis thumb screws holding the y-axis to the printer frame.
Set aside.

Remove the y-axis from the printer frame and set aside.

Expose the y-axis connectors and remove retention clip
Disconnect the y-axis connectors
Remove the (4x) thumb screws from y-axis
Y-axis removed from printer frame

4 Remove Runout Sensor and Stow Arms Away

If your printer has a runout sensor installed, this will need to be removed before the filament spool and guide arm can be stowed away.

Depress the small clamps that hold the runout sensor on the guide arm and pull the runout sensor off of the arm.

Stow away the filament spool arm as well as the filament guide arm by rotating them into their upward position.

Remove runout sensor
Rotate arms to their upward position

5 Attach Belt Clamps and Y-Axis Mount

Gather the 3 orange belt clamps and the y-axis mount.

Insert one end of the belt clamp around both sides of a belt. Rotate the belt clamp and loop the belt through the bottom bar to secure clamp to belt. Repeat for both left and right z-axis belts.

Move tool head x-carriage all the way to the right side of the printer and clamp x-axis belt in place.

Take orange y-axis bed mount and place it on the printer extrusion at the front of the printer and push it down into place.
Move it right until it contacts the right side y-axis mount.
Install two of (4x) y-axis thumb screws into the two right spots to hold the bed mount in place and to secure loose thumb screw in place.

Gather orange mounts
Slide belt into top of belt clamp
Rotate clamp and secure belt in bottom of clamp
All belt clamps installed
Y-axis mount
Push mount into extrusion and move right
Install two thumb screws into mount.

6 Mount Tool Head Support and Tool Head

Gather the 4 tool head mounting components and the longer tool head mounting thumb screw.

6A Partially assemble the tool head mount by using the 3 rigid parts and the thumb screw to hold them together.

Slide the mount to the front right extrusion, being sure to mount it under the LCD cables.
Tighten down the thumb screw to secure it into position.
It should be mount roughly half way up the extrusion.

Place flexible orange mount on other side of the tool head mount.

Slide tool head into position on the mount.

Secure tool head to the mount using the two tool head mount screws.

Gather mounting hardware
Partially assemble tool head mount
Attach to printer frame under LCD cables
Secure with thumb screw
Flexible part in place
Slide tool head into position
Secure tool head with thumb screws
Tool head mounted and secured

7 Mount Y-Axis to Frame

The y-axis bed will need to be secured before mounting the y-axis inside the printers frame. Locate the orange flexible y-axis shipping wedge.

Insert the flexible wedge into the y-axis between the bearings to secure the bed into position.
This will help secure the bed and prevent movement while in transit.

Locate the remaining two y-axis thumb screws and the two orange O-rings.

Slide the idler side of the y-axis into the printers frame between the front extrusion and the x-axis rail.
The bed should face the back side of the printer.

Place the two O-rings on the bottom two open inserts and secure the y-axis to the printer frame using the two thumb screws.

Locate flexible wedge
Insert wedge to secure y-axis in place
Wedge in place
Gather remaining thumb screws and O-rings
Slide y-axis into printer frame
O-rings in place
Secure y-axis to frame
Y-axis secured

8 Install Internal Support Foam

Remove the two clips holding the control box in position.
Flip the box inwards and secure with the same clips

Gather internal y-axis foam.

Insert the top y-axis foam into place ensure that the foam fits on the top of the bed.

Slide the bottom foam piece into position and ensure that it is holding the bed in place and preventing it from coming down and contacting the bottom of the printer frame.

Gather LCD foam and control box foam (Only the 747 will use the control box foam).

Move the LCD support arm all the way back and install the foam over the LCD.
Rotate the LCD inwards into the printer frame.

8G (SideKick 747 only)
Place control box foam into position above control box.

Tuck in cables and harnesses for the y-axis

Remove control box clips
Move control box inwards and secure with clips
Required foam
Place foam into position
Push bed up into position
Place lower foam into position
Slide foam under bed to secure bed
Remaining internal foam pieces
Move LCD mount back
Place foam over LCD
Move LCD into printer frame
Install foam on control box
Tuck cables into printer frame

9 Attach Runout Sensor (If Applicable)

If your SideKick came with a runout sensor, it will need to be mounted to the printers frame.

Insert filament guide into the flexible orange mount and secure around the runout sensor.

Position the runout sensor with the guide tube facing down.
Wrap the flexible strap around the front left extrusion.
Slide the small end into the slot and pull through to secure the sensor to the printer extrusion.

Move sensor into a more internal position.

Gather required materials
Feed guide tube into sensor wrap
Place wrap around runout sensor
Place sensor on frame with guide tube facing down
Insert smaller side into slot
Pull to secure wrap
Installed and secure

10 Install Outside Support Foam

Locate two side foam pieces for final foam installation. The foam pieces are mirrored so there is no left or right piece.

Lift a side of the printer and place the legs into the foam.

Secure the top of the foam into position over the idler tensioner.

Ensure the side foam is sitting flush against the frame.

Repeat process for other side of printer.

Gather remaining foam
Place side of printer into bottom of the foam
Place foam over idler
Both foam sides installed

11 Finishing Up

Place printer into SideKick box.

Find a friend to help if necessary!
Printer fully placed in box
Close box and tape

12 Questions?

If you have any questions regarding packing your TAZ SideKick, you can reach out to our support team by sending an email to:

If you no longer have the 3d printed shipping components, you can find the stl files at our gitlab page located here.

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