Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs Packing your LulzBot TAZ 6 Workflow

1 Getting Started

Need to ship or travel with your LulzBot TAZ? Follow the instructions below to properly secure your TAZ 3D printer.

Want extra or replacement packaging material? Contact our sales team by sending an email to: Due to the custom nature of the shipping material, replacements are available for purchase only.

Note: Failure to use the original packaging material when returning a 3D printer for warranty service will cause delays and may require additional charges.

Printers that are received without the original packaging materials may be returned to sender.

LulzBot TAZ 6

2 Items Required

Note: Pack your 3D printer on carpet or other soft surface to keep your 3D printer free from scratches

TAZ 6 3D Printer Box

  • 3 corner foam braces
  • 1 large control box corner foam brace
  • 1 top foam insert
  • 1 bottom foam insert
  • Y-axis cardboard fixture

Accessory Box

  • User manual
  • Test acceptance record
  • Filament guide tube
  • Tool kit
  • AC power cord
  • USB cord

Tool Head Box

  • Foam connector pin protector
  • Custom foam packaging

Additional Items Recommended

  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
Required TAZ 6 Packing Materials
Required Accessory Box Contents
Tool Head Packing Materials

3 Remove the Accessory & Tool Head Boxes

Remove and set aside the Accessory and Tool Head boxes from the side of the TAZ 3D printer box.

Remove Accessory and Tool Head Boxes

4 Position Tool Head

With your TAZ 3D printer plugged into an AC power outlet, power on your TAZ 3D printer.

Home the Z-axis with the Graphical LCD controller (GLCD). Press in the knob and select: Movement > Auto home.

Using the GLCD, select: Movement > Move axis > Move 10mm > Move Z.

Rotate the knob to raise the Z-axis to 240mm.

Using the GLCD, select: Movement > Move axis > Move 1mm > Move Z.

Rotate the knob to raise the Z-axis to 245mm.

Plug In Printer
Power On Printer
Graphical LCD Controller (GLCD)

5 Power Off and Unplug 3D Printer

Once the Z-axis has finished moving to the shipping position turn the printer off.

Unplug the AC power cable from the wall outlet, then unplug from the rear of the printer.

Unplug the USB cable (if installed)

Coil the AC power cable and the USB cord and place inside the Accessory box

Turn Off Printer
Unplug and Pack AC Power Cord and USB Cable

6 Remove Filament Guide Tube

If filament is loaded into the tool head, cut it free now, leaving no more than an inch above the tool head surface, remove and store in a dry place.

Remove the white plastic filament guide tube by sliding it off of the bracket.

Remove Filament Guide Tube

7 Raise Filament Reel Holder and Guide Tube Bracket

7A Lift and rotate the filament reel holder until it is stowed alongside the printer frame.

Lift and rotate the filament guide tube bracket into the stowed position.

Stow Filament Reel Holder and Guide Tube Bracket

8 Raise Filament Guide Tube Bracket

Use tape to secure the brackets.

Secure the Brackets

9 Unplug the Tool Head

Unplug the tool head from the tool head harness, taking care to avoid bending or damaging any of the connector pins

Unplug Tool Head

10 Cover Tool Head Pins

Locate the small foam piece found in the Accessory box

Press the small foam piece straight down onto the exposed tool head pins, taking care not to bend or damage them.

Press On Foam Pin Cover

11 Remove Tool Head

Locate the tool kit and remove the 2.5 mm wrench.

Note: Support the tool head with your hand to prevent it from falling onto the print surface.

Unscrew the tool head mounting screw by turning counter-clockwise from the X-axis carriage with the included 2.5mm hex key.

2.5MM Allen Wrench
Support and Remove Tool Head

12 Place Tool Head in Tool Head Box

Place the tool head upside down into the tool head box.

Make sure that the wiring is placed within the foam cutout.

Set the tool head box aside.

Correctly Packed Tool Head

13 Screw Tool Head Mount Screw Back Into Carriage

Screw in the tool head mounting screw back into the X-axis carriage

Using your hand, move the X-axis carriage over to the far right-hand side of the printer.

Replace Tool Head Screw

14 Loosen the Print Surface Cable

14A Slide the print surface towards you.

Press down on the print surface cable, freeing it from the black cable mount.

Unsnap Print Surface Cable

15 Disconnect the three Print Surface Connectors

Push on the locking tab to release the connectors and unplug each one. The thicker connector does not have a locking tab.

Unplug Connectors

16 Unplug Y-Axis Stepper Motor

Move the print surface all the way towards you, exposing the Y-axis stepper motor.

Unplug the Y-axis stepper motor wire bundle by gently pulling straight away from the stepper motor.

Disconnect Y-Axis Motor

17 Remove the Four Y-Axis Thumbscrews

Remove the two (2) rear thumbscrews.

Gently slide the print surface away from you, towards the rear of the 3D printer.

Remove the two (2) front thumbscrews.

Tip: Need a place to temporarily hold the thumbscrews? Use the two small holes in each Z-axis stepper motor mounts!

Remove Rear Thumbscrews
Remove Front Thumbscrews

18 Lift off Y-Axis Assembly

Gently grab the Y-axis assembly by the two black metal endplates.

Lift the Y-axis assembly straight up, away from the printer frame and set aside.

Lift Off Y-Axis

19 Replace the Four Y-Axis Thumbscrews

Screw the four (4) thumbscrews back into the middle of the 3D printer frame.

Replace Thumbscrews

20 Place Y-Axis Assembly Face Down

Lift and rotate the Y-axis assembly so the print surface is facing down.

Gently place the Y-axis assembly down onto the print surface.

Flip Y-Axis Assembly

21 Install and Secure Cardboard Fixture

Locate the Y-axis cardboard fixture.

Slide the Y-axis frame until the print surface is near the middle of the Y-axis.

21C Fold and insert the cardboard fixture into the y-axis frame, aligning the cutouts.

Note: Look for the large stepper motor-sized cutout on one end of the cardboard fixture.

Secure the fixture to the y-axis frame with tape.

Y-Axis Cardboard Fixture
Insert Cardboard Fixture

22 Place Main Printer Frame on Soft Surface

Move the main 3D printer frame onto a soft surface, leaving it standing up.

Rotate the 3D printer frame around to face the rear of the 3D printer.

Place On Soft Surface and Rotate To Face Back

23 Place the Larger Corner Foam Brace on Control Box

Note: There are four (4) corner foam braces. Three (3) are identical while one is larger.

Locate the largest corner foam brace.

With the largest side up, place the large corner foam brace onto the control box corner.

Control Box Brace

24 Place One Corner Foam Brace On Other Top Corner

Locate one corner foam brace

Place the corner foam brace onto the other top corner of the printer frame.

Top Corner Brace

25 Lay Printer Down

Lay the printer down, with the Graphical LCD controller and LulzBot TAZ logo up.

Reposition the top foam braces if needed.

Lay Down the Printer

26 Insert Bottom Foam Brace

Locate the bottom foam brace. Tip: The bottom foam brace is the longest of them all.

With the long, thin side pointed into the printer frame, slide the bottom foam brace alongside the Z axis stepper motor and into the printer frame, from the outside, in.

Place the TAZ 3D printer box on its side, behind the bottom of the printer frame.

Insert Bottom Foam Brace

27 Slide Y-Axis Assembly Into Printer Frame and Foam

Place the Y-axis assembly, stepper motor-side first, into the main part of the printer frame and into the matching cutouts on the bottom foam brace.

Lower the front of the Y-axis assembly into the printer frame.

Insert Y-Axis Into Bottom Foam
Finish Seating the Y-Axis

28 Insert Top Foam Brace Into Frame To Secure Y-Axis

Locate the oval-shaped top foam brace

With the arrow up, gently press the top foam brace into the printer frame, taking care to align the Y-axis end into the foam cutouts.

Insert Top Foam
Pay Attention to Tool Head Cut Outs

29 Install the Last Two Corner Foam Braces

Locate the last two corner foam braces.

Place the last two corner foam braces onto the bottom of the 3D printer frame.

Install Both Remaining Corner Foam Braces

30 Slide Printer Into the Box

Slide the printer into the box.

Re-position any corner foam braces if needed.

Tip: The cardboard divider is removable if needed. Do not discard. Re-install the cardboard divider and spacer if removed.

Slide Printer Into Box

31 Verify Printer Placement Within Box

Before continuing verify that the printer is seated within the box evenly.

The cardboard divider should be evenly positioned alongside the printer as well.

Verify Printer Placement

32 Stand Box Up

Lift and rotate the TAZ printer box upright.

Stand Box Up

33 Verify the Contents of the Accessory and Tool Head Boxes

Before continuing, verify the contents of the Tool Head and Accessory box.

Tool Head Box

  • Tool Head
  • Connectors protected with foam

Accessory Box

  • User manual
  • Test acceptance record
  • Filament guide tube
  • Tool kit
  • AC power cord
  • USB cord
Verify Accessory Contents
Verify Tool Head Box is Securely Packed

34 Insert Accessory and Tool Head Boxes

Place the Tool Head Box into the TAZ 3D printer box. Slide the box all the way to the bottom.

Place the Accessory Box into the printer box. The box should sit flush or below the top of the packaging.

Use strong packing tape to secure the box flaps and edges.

Insert Accessory and Tool Head Boxes

35 That's It!

Your TAZ 3D printer is now packed and ready to accompany you to your next creative outing!

It's a good idea to use a shipping service that offers tracking information and insurance.

Note: Are you shipping your printer in for service?

Aleph Objects cannot accept any item(s) back for repair, refund, or evaluation without an assigned RMA number provided by the Aleph Objects Technical Support Team. Any item(s) received without an RMA number will be returned to sender. Email for all return/repair inquiries.

Packed and Ready
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