Project Dashboard TAZ Pro Packaging Workflow

1 Retrieve calibrated unit

Obtain one calibrated TAZ Pro printer [AS-PR0148] from the boxing queue

TAZ Pro - Calibrated [AS-PR0148]

2 Remove feed tubes

Remove the feed tubes from the Servo Dual Tool Head and the Filament Sensor.
Loosen the fasteners that are clamping the feed tube into the Idler Tube Clamps at the tool head.
Once the tube is removed, re-tighten the fastener so it will not vibrate loose in shipping.
Over-tightening may crack the printed parts, use caution.

The tubes can be easily removed from the filament sensor by pulling upwards.

Loosen screw
Pull tube out
Re-tighten screw

3 Position Z Axis & Tool Head for shipping

Put printer into shipping position by raising the z-axis all the way to the top and the tool head all the way to the left.

Z at top
Tool head to the left

4 Prepare strapping & cardboard sleeve

Obtain one TazPro, Corrugated Sleeve [SH-PA0063] and run two straps underneath it.

The cardboard
Straps ran underneath and waiting

5 Remove Y-Axis

Disconnect all 3 connectors at the bed end of the Bed Harness, bed heat, thermistor, and ground.
Disconnect both connectors at the Y-Axis Motor.

Using a 4mm Ball-tipped Hex Driver through the hole in the Y-Cable Cover and Bed Plate, loosen the M5 fastener securing the Y-Cable Chain to the Y-Cable Cover. Continue to turn counter-clockwise until the cable chain is free from the bed.

Remove the four M5 thumb screws that secure the Y-Axis to the frame.
Lift the Y-Axis from the frame and place it out of the way.
Re-install the M5 thumb screws into the chassis mounts, finger tight so that they do not vibrate loose during shipping.

Un-screw cable chain
Un-plug bed wires
Un-plug motor wires
Remove thumb screw
remove screw
Remove y-axis
Put it back
And this one
And these

6 Flip Y-Cable Chain

The Y-Cable Chain must be rotated into shipping position.
To do so, pull the Y-Chain Mount at the frame towards the Control Box (machine left) and pivot the chain end counter clockwise.
It should rest in this position.

Flip the y-cable chain to an upright position. Using a M2 ball hex driver loosen the screw holding the chain to the pivot mount. This screw does not need to be completely removed, just loose enough to pivot the chain upwards, then re-tighten the screw to hold the chain in that position.

Re-tighten in upright position

7 Add tape

Add a piece of tape to each spool arm to hold them in place. The tape only needs to be long enough to wrap around the spool arm 1.5 times. Make sure to make a little tab on the tape for easy removability.

Tape the front one
The back one to

8 Place bottom foam

Place the bottom foam piece [AS-PA0061] onto the card board.

Bottom piece

9 Place frame in foam

Place the frame into the bottom foam piece.


10 Place y-axis in foam

Place the y-axis into the bottom piece of foam with the motor on the bottom and facing the rear of the printer. You may need to support the foam underneath while placing the y-axis into the foam. The top side of the axis should be about level with the top of the frame.

Place in foam

11 Add middle foam pieces

Place the two middle pieces around the y-axis. This will support both the tool head and the x-axis. First place the larger piece [SH-PA0062] then place the smaller piece [AS-PA0064] on top of that.

Big middle piece
Small middle piece

12 Place top foam

Add the top piece of foam [AS-PA0060] to the printer.

Top piece
On the printer

13 Add accessories

Add the tool kit, cables, and feed tubes in the top piece of foam.

Power cable
USB cable
Tool kit
Feed tubes on top of USB

14 Strap cardboard around printer

Use the strapping tool to tighten and seal the printer.

Strapped up

15 Place printer in box

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