Project Dashboard Miscellaneous The Octograb Magnetic Bed Workflow

1 Gather Materials

1X - PP-FP0190 - Taz Modular Bed Plate - Core - Aluminum w/ Cut Holes 1X - PP-MP0301 - Taz Modular Bed Plate - Surface - Spring Steel, blue 25X - HD-MS0580 - Neodymium Magnets - N50 1/2" X 1/8" Rare Earth Disc

2 Install Magnets

Obtain 16 Neodymium Magnets [HD-MS0580] and one Mini Modular Bed Plate [PP-FP0185]

Place the bed plate on arbor press.

Place an ALUMINUM backer on the arbor press to push in the magnets with

Using the roll of magnets, place and press magnets into each of the 16 holes on the bed plate. It is important that the poles of the magnets are all aligned. Pulling each magnet off of the roll and not rotating either the magnet or the roll throughout the placement process will ensure that poles are aligned.

3 Laminating Polycarbonate Film

Use standard PEI procedure to laminate polycarbonate to both sides of the magnetic bed core

Place the polycarbonate on both sides of the bed core before doing a final bake of the plate

It is important to note that if the bed core is sticking to the lamination machine place a piece of glass under the bed to help it slide though better.

4 Adding the heat tape

Obtain one Mini Modular Bed Plate surface [PP-MP0301] and one four one inch strips of the silicone tape

Place a piece of tape on the top side of the two tabs on the bed and trim to size, with either a knife or a scissors. Then place two more pieces of tape on the bottom side of them tabs and trim to size, with either a knife or scissors.

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