Project Dashboard Miscellaneous Octograb Magnetic Bed installation Workflow

1 Remove Modular Glass Bed

This process is the same for both the Mini and Taz frame printers that have modular beds already installed

Remove the the four bed leveling washers (PP-MP0082) from the bed

Remove the glass/PEI print surface but leave the silicone heater

remove the washers
all washers removed
modular print surface removed

2 Installing the New Bed

Place the magnetic bed core in the same position as the glass bed and reinstall the four bed leveling washers.

Place the print surface on the bed core with either the PEI/Metal surface up depending on your surface preference.

Make sure the tab(s) are facing towards the user. Two tabs for taz printers one tab for mini printers. It is very important to make sure that the bed and print surface are clear of any dust and debris. Failing to do so will cause the bed to be warped and uneven prints.

installing the new bed plate
reinstall the bed leveling washers
attaching the new print surface

3 Setting Your New Z-Offset

The Z offset controls the first layer height on the printer. This will ne ed to be changed due to the new Octograb Bed being slightly thicker than the old modular glass bed. A good starting point is to set the offset to -0.60mm and adjust accordingly from there. If the layer is too low to raise the bed make the Z-offset greater in value (ex. changing from -0.60mm to -0.50mm).

If the layer is too high, lower the Z-offset by making the value smaller (ex. Changing from -0.60mm to -0.70mm)

To change Z-offset proceed though the following menus

Mini 2 => Configuration => advanced settings => probe z offset => (set z offset) backout one menu and store settings

Workhorse => Configuration => probe z offset => (set z offset) backout one menu and store settings

Pro => menu => advanced settings => z offset => (set z offset)

mini and workhorse menu
pro menu
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