Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly MOARstruder Workflow

1 Gather parts for Hot End Assembly

Gather parts:

  • E3D MOARstruder Hot End, 3.0mm Filament, 1.2mm Nozzle, assembled and crimped (AS-HE0015)

  • MOARstruder Thermistor Extension Harness (AS-CB0014)

  • Zero volt sense harness (AS-CB0010)

  • M3x8 BHCS screw (HD-BT0104)

  • External star washer (HD-WA0035)

Tools needed:

  • Dial Torque Wrench (Set to 30 in-lbs and 15 in-lbs)

  • 18mm and 7mm wrench heads

  • Bionic Grip wrench

  • 18mm wrench

  • 2mm hex driver

Parts for the Hot End
Tools needed

2 Verify the torque for the Heater Block and Nozzle

Verify the torque on the Heater Block as shown

  • Secure the Heat Sink with the Bionic Grip Wrench

  • Use a Dial Torque Wrench with a 18mm wrench head attachment and torque the Heater Block to 30 in-lbs

Verify the torque on the Nozzle as shown.

  • Using a 18mm wrench secure the heater block

  • Use a Dial Torque Wrench with a 7mm wrench head attachment and torque the Nozzle to 15 in-lbs

Secure Heat Sink and torque Heater Block
Secure Heater Block with a wrench and torque the Nozzle

3 Install Thermistor Harness and zero sense wire

The zero volt sense harness needs to be attached with the external star washer, the zero volt sense harness and the M3x8 BHCS screw in this order

Install onto heater block (note orientation of heater block and direction of wire), torque screw to 3 in-lbs

Ensure the insulation is not touching the heater block

Connect the Thermistor Harness

Star Washer, Zero Volt Sense Harness and Screw
Install zero volt sense harness
Connect the Thermistor Harness

4 MOARstruder body assembly- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • 1x- Large herringbone gear, black (AS-TH0020)

  • 2x- 608 bearings (HD-MS0282)

  • 3x- M8 steel washer (HD-WA0006)

  • 1x- Extruder washer (PP-GP0060)

  • 1x- 0.5mm shim (HD-WA0008)

  • 1x- M8 nyloc nut (HD-NT0002)

  • 1x- Extruder body (AS-TH0036)

Tools needed:

  • 13mm wrench
Components and hardware

5 Installing large herringbone gear

Place M8 stainless steel washers over the hobbed bolt

Place 0.5mm shim over hobbed bolt

Insert extruder washer into bearing slot (note orientation of the extruder body)

Insert 608 bearing into bearing slot

Slide the hobbed bolt through the 608 bearing and the extruder body

Place 608 bearing over the threaded portion of the hobbed bolt

Place M8 stainless steel washer over the hobbed bolt

Thread M8 nyloc nut onto the hobbed bolt

Tighten M8 nyloc nut with a 13mm wrench

Tighten until m8 washer is snug and doesn't move on it's own

Installing washers
Washers installed
Extruder washer installed
bearing installed
Large herringbone with hobbed bolt installed
bearing installed
Washer installed
Nut installed
Nut tightened

6 M4 nut installation- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • 4x- M4 nut
Components and hardware

7 Installing M4 nuts

Insert 2x- M4 nut into the slots on the top of the extruder body

Insert 2x- M4 nuts into the base of the extruder body

Inserting top nuts
Top nut installed
Install lower nuts
Lower left nut installed
Lower right nut installed

8 Idler block assembly- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • idler block (AS-TH0028)

  • M3x25 SHCS (HD-BT0041)

  • M3 black oxide washer (HD-WA0038)

  • M3 nut (HD-NT0004)

Tools needed:

  • 2.5mm hex driver
Components and hardware

9 Assembly and installation of idler block

Press the M3 nut into the idler block so that it is captured in the nut shaped socket

Add M3 black oxide washer to M3x25 SHCS

Thread the M3x25 SHCS through the idler to capture the M3 nut

Install idler block onto extruder body

Torque to 3in*lbs

Idler block orientation for nut to be installed
nut installed
M3x25 with washer ready to be installed
Idler block assembly
Idler block installed

10 MOARstruder latch- Gather parts

Gather Parts

  • 1x- extruder latch (PP-GP0275_v2.2)

  • 4x- M4 black oxide washer (HD-WA0039)

  • 2x- compression spring (HD-MS0027)

  • 2x- M4x55 thumb screw (AS-TH0005)

Components and hardware

11 Assembly and installation MOARstruder latch

Assemble thumb screw in order: thumb screw, washer, spring, washer

Repeat to make a second

Place assembled thumb screws into Extruder latch

Install onto extruder body (note orientation of latch)

Thumb screw prepped
Extruder latch components ready to assemble
Finished extruder latch
Extruder latch installed on body

12 Small herringbone gear- Gather parts

Gather Parts:

  • Small herringbone gear, black (PP-GP0062)

  • M3 set screw (HD-BT0012)

  • M3 nut (HD-NT0004)

Tools needed:

  • 1.5mm hex driver
Components and hardware

13 Assembly and installation small herringbone gear

Press M3 nut into slot on bottom of gear

Thread M3 set screw though the nut

Install gear onto motor

Ensure that the set screw is aligned with the flat section of the shaft

Nut installation
nut installed
Set screw installed
Tighten set screw

14 Attaching motor to MOARstruder- Gather parts

Gather Parts:

  • Moons motor (EL-MT0029) assembled

  • Extruder body partial assembly

  • 3x- M3x12 SHCS (HD-BT0039)

  • 3x- black oxide washer (HD-WA0038)

Tools needed:

  • 2.5mm hex driver
Components and hardware

15 Mounting motor to MOARstruder body

Mount the motor to the body (note the orientation of the motor and harness connection point)

Place the M3x12 SHCS with black oxide in the three holes that line up with the tapped holes in the motor

Note: the large gear and the small gear need to be mated together in a way that there is easy rotation but won't have any free movement known as “slap” between the gear teeth. To test for proper alignment of gears - tighten your screws down to 3 in/lbs, Hold the small gear firmly with your finger and thumb, and try to move the large gear back and forth to see if there is any small movement between the teeth of the gears. Rotate the large gear ¼ turn and repeat this process multiple times to ensure alignment. If there is movement the small gear and large gear need to be moved closer to each other. To do this you need loosen the M3 screws ¼ turn counter-clockwise and push the motor closer to the body. Repeat until you have desired the results, tighten screws once the fit is correct.) Torque to 3in*lbs

Motor orientation
Mounting the body to the motor
Tighten screws

16 MOARstruder brace- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • Extruder brace (PP-GP0244)
  • 2x- M3x12 BHCS (HD-BT0146)
  • 2x- M3 black oxide washer (HD-WA0038)

Tools needed: 2mm driver

Components and hardware

17 Installing MOARstruder brace

Install the extruder brace onto the body assembly using the two screws with washers

(note orientation of the brace on body)

Mounting extruder brace
Finished body assembly

18 Mounting hot end and MOARstruder body- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • Extruder body assembled

  • Extruder mount (AS-TH0033)

  • 2x- M4 black oxide washer (HD-WA0039)

  • Mount plate (PP-MP0156)

  • Hot end assembled

  • 2x- M4x20 SHCS (HD-BT0010)

  • 150mm Piece of 3mm thick T-Glase

Tools needed:

  • 3mm hex driver
Components and hardware

19 Mounting the MOARstruder body and hot end

Insert the hot end into the slot of the mount plate (note orientation of the mount plate and hot end)

Install the Hot end onto the extruder mount using the M4x20 SHCS and M4 black oxide washers

Run filament through the body to help align the Hot end

Tighten the M4 screws to 8in*lbs

Ensure the heater block part of the Hot end is square with the mount plate

Pull filament out to insure the hot end is aligned

installing mount plate
mount plate installed
Align hot end to extruder mount, note plate orientation
installing M4 screws
ABS filament to align body
Tighten the left and right screws
Extruder body and hot end mounted to extruder mount

20 MOARstruder fan mount- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • 1x- Extruder fan duct left (AS-TH0017)

  • 1x- Extruder fan duct right (AS-TH0018)

  • 4x- M3x14 FHCS (HD-BT0118)

Tools needed:

2mm hex driver

Components and hardware

21 Mounting MOARstruder fan ducts

Align the right fan duct with the M3 brass inserts on the right hand side if the extruder mount

Secure the fan duct with 2x- M3x12 FHCS tightened on 3 in*lbs

Repeat for the left side

Ensure that the harness from the Hot end are sticking out front of the extruder

right fan duct
M3X12 FHCS in place to tighten down
left fan duct
Wires in front of extruder

22 Attaching 24v fan harness- Gather parts

Gather Parts:

  • 1x- Extruder fan harness (AS-CB0012)

  • 4x- M3x12 SHCS (HD-BT0039)

  • 1x- cable tie (HD-MS0058)

Tools needed:

  • 2.5mm hex driver
Components and hardware

23 Mounting the extruder fan harness

Attach the fan with the shorter wires to the right side of the extruder with 2x- M3x12 SHCS, note fan orientation and wire orientation

Tighten screws to 3 in*lbs

Attach the fan with the longer wires to the left side with 2x- M3x12 SHCS, , note fan orientation and wire orientation

Tighten screws to 3 in/lbs

Feed the yellow and purple wires through the opening between the right fan duct and the Hot end

Feed a cable tie through the slot as shown

Tighten the cable tie around the fan harness and clip-off excess cable tie

fan right
fan left
feeding wires through opening
cable tie installation
tighten and clip

24 Heat sink fan mount- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • 1x- Heat sink fan duct (AS-TH0035)

  • 4x- M3x12 SHCS (HD-BT0039)

  • 4x- M3x25 SHCS (HD-BT0041)

  • 4x- M3 black oxide washer (HD-WA0038)

  • 1x- Pelonis 5V 40mm fan (AS-CB0011)

Tools needed:

  • 2.5mm hex driver
Components and hardware

25 Assembling the heat sink fan mount

Attach the Pelonis 5V 40mm fan onto the heat sink fan mount using 4x- M3x12 SHCS (note orientation of fan and wires)

Tighten screws to 3 in*lbs

Install the M3x25 with M3 black oxide washer into the side hole

Wrap the harness coming from the fan over the M3x25 SHCS, around the front and under as shown

Install the assembled heat sink fan duct to the extruder mount

Ensure all harnesses are running through the opening that the 5V fan harness is running through

Tighten down the fan duct, being careful not to squish any wires, tighten screw to 3 in*lbs

fan orientation
wrap fan wires
install onto body

26 Connecting harnesses

Plug in the extruder motor switch harness (EL-HR0096)

Pin all harnesses to their designated pin locations on the 16pin connector housing

Connecting extruder motor switch harness
pin assignments

27 Securing harnesses- Gather parts

Gather parts:

  • 100mmx 3/8" panduit (EL-MS0139

  • Cable tie (HD-MS0058)

  • Direction sticker (DC-LB0104)

Components and hardware

28 Securing harnesses

Slide 100mm x 3/8 Panduit over harnesses

Cable tie the Panduit shut over motor harness

Apply arrow sticker on pin 1 side of connector

Panduit installation
Panduit installed
cable tie around panduit
applying arrow sticker

29 MOARstruder Calibration

When the MOARstruder Assembly is complete, use the Tool Head Test Fixture to Calibrate the E-Steps.

  • Install the MOARstruder into the test fixture as shown.

  • Insert test filament (T-Glase), use 300mm PTFE guide tube to measure 300mm from the top of the Idler Block and mark where the PTFE tube ends.

  • Turn on power.

  • Select 300mm spit test gcode as shown.

Note: Be aware that 300mm spit test also includes tests for 24v fans. 5v fan should be operational when power is applied to the Tool Head.

  • Ensure that exactly 300mm of filament was extruded when test is complete by verifying that the mark is flush with the top of the Idler Block as shown.

  • After E-Steps have been verified, remove MOARstruder from test fixture and place E-Step Calibration (with E-Step value) on the rear of the Tool Head.

Tool Head installed into the test fixture
Install test filament and 300mm PTFE guide tube
Mark at 300mm
Select 300mm spit test gcode
300mm mark flush with top of Idler Block
E-Step Calibration sticker
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