Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs Mini v1.04 X-Axis Cable Chain Link Removal Workflow

1 Required Tools

Only one tool is required for this task:

Standard Flat Blade Screwdriver

Gather the Tools Pictured

2 Remove the cable chain link

Using the flat blade screw driver, pry open the tab on the back of the link to be removed. This makes squeezing the link to remove it much easier.

Squeeze from the sides to disengage the tabs holding the link to the link behind it, then spread the link to detach it from the link ahead of it.

Rejoin the two ends of the cable chain. It may help to squeeze the male side (the side being inserted into the other) to make joining the links a bit easier.

Pry open the clasp
Clasp is now open
Squeeze to disengage
Link separated
Remove the link
Ready to be joined
Connect the two ends
Make sure the links seat fully together
And you're done!
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