Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs Replacing PEI on the LulzBot Mini Workflow

1 Make sure that you have all required parts and tools

  • Paper Towel

  • PEI

  • Brand new Razor Blade

  • Small 2mm hex wrench

  • Squeegee/Spatula

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Zip tie (not shown in picture)

(Zip tie not shown)

2 Unplug & move spool arm

  • Unplug the USB from the front of mini

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of mini

  • Move spool arm down position

  • Turn Mini over so that handle is on the table/ground

Move spool arm down

3 Remove zip tie/Unplug connectors

  • Pull the bed forward toward you

  • Cut zip tie with wire cutters/scissors

  • Pull zip tie out

  • Pull bigger connector apart

  • Push tab then pull smaller connector apart

Cut zip tie
Pull the 2 bed connectors apart

4 Remove 4 bed screws/washers

  • Using the 2 mm hex, unscrew the 4 bed screws

  • When bed screws are all the way out, bed washers will also come off

Remove 4 bed screws/washers

5 Remove bed

  • Remove the bed from bed plate
Remove bed from bed plate

6 Remove existing PEI sheet

  • Put the room temperature bed in a freezer for 60 minutes

  • Take the razor blade and pry up one of the corners of the PEI from the glass bed

  • Pull PEI away from glass bed (this make take some strength)

Use razor blade to pry one corner of PEI up
Pull PEI away from glass bed

7 Pour isopropyl on bed

  • Pour a small amount of isopropyl on bed

  • Spread isopropyl over the bed using the razor blade

Pour isopropyl on bed
Spread isopropyl over bed

8 Remove adhesive with razor blade

  • Remove adhesive starting from the center moving outwards (the edges of the glass may dull your razor blade so it's best to start from the center and then do edges last)

  • If it seems impossible to remove adhesive you may need a new razor blade

  • Pour on more isopropyl as needed

Remove adhesive starting from center

9 Pull protective sheet away from adhesive

  • After removing all the adhesive clean the top of the bed with a little isopropyl and a towel

  • Remove a couple inches the protective sheet on the back of the PEI to get it ready to put on the bed

Final prep. of bed isopropyl and paper towel
Pull a couple inches of the protective layer off the PEI

10 Place new PEI on bed

  • Place the edge of PEI that you peeled away flush with one side of the bed. You can choose any side for this (the PEI sheet is bigger than glass bed we will trim the excess in later step)

  • Using a rubber squeegee/spatula push the adhesive into the glass bed as you remove the back protective cover

  • Once the PEI is on the bed use squeegee/spatula to push out as many excess bubbles that you can

Align PEI with one side of bed
Push the PEI to the bed as you remove the protective cover
Push out excess bubbles

11 Remove excess PEI

  • Using your razor blade remove the excess PEI (the glass has a grooved angle on the sides that should help guide your razor blade)
Remove excess PEI using the groove in the glass bed

12 Place glass bed back on bed plate

  • Place the glass bed back onto the the bed plate with the wires facing to the left

  • If the steel spacers have fallen out, push them back in the ninja flex

  • Put the screws into the washers, then place them into the steel spacers, use your 2mm hex to screw them back in (screws should be snug but not over tightened)

  • There should be 4 screws, 4 washers and 4 spacers

Place glass bed on bed plate
Steel spacers
Place screws/washers into steel spacers
Location of 4 spacers/screws/washers

13 Plug connectors and Place zip tie

  • Now that the bed is secure again, turn your mini upside down

  • Plug the bed connectors back in

  • Place zip tie through the top hole in the larger connector

  • Route the zip tie around the first rung on the harness guard and through the second hole on the larger connector

  • Tighten and clip the zip tie

Plug two connectors back in
Zip tie through first hole in large connector
Zip tie through harness guard and back through second hole in connector
Tighten and clip the zip tie
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