Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs LulzBot Mini Print Head Replacement Workflow

1 Make sure that you have all required parts and tools

The print head replacement is easiest to perform with the print head at least 2" (50mm) above the bed, and the back of the printer facing toward you. The printer should be powered off and unplugged before starting.

To replace the print head on the LulzBot Mini, you'll need the following tools and parts included with your replacement print head:

  • New Print Head

  • Small (2.5mm) allen key

  • Larger (4mm) allen key

  • 4 zip ties

You'll also need to provide a pair of wire cutters or scissors to cut the zip ties

This is all you'll need to swap out the print head of your Mini

2 Remove the print head top plate

Start by removing the 2 bolts shown using the smaller of the 2 wrenches (2.5mm) included with your replacement print head.

Remove the plate and set it aside.

Unscrew both screws completely
Remove plate with screws and set it aside

3 Disconnect the electrical connector

Pull apart the electrical connector that's exposed on the top of the print head

There are no latches, just pull it apart holding either side of the black plastic housing

Be sure not to bend or twist as you're pulling it apart, as this could damage the connector.

This is the connector you'll be pulling apart
Connector apart, you can just let it go now

4 Clip the zip ties

Next you'll need to clip the 2 zip ties holding the electrical harness to the side of the print head, shown here

This is easiest to do when looking at the machine from the back

Be careful not to clip the belt as well

You can remove and throw away the used zip ties now

These are the zips you'll need to clip
Clip the zips

5 Unscrew the 3 bolts holding the print head

Next you'll need to unscrew the 3 bolts on the back of the print head

Hold on to the print head as you unscrew the last bolt to prevent it from dropping onto the bed

Once all 3 bolts are removed, you can pull the print head off of the printer and set it aside

These are the 3 bolts that hold the print head onto the printer
Be sure to hold the print head as you unscrew the last bolt

6 Mount the new print head

Hold the new print head up to the x-carriage, the rectangular tab will help you get it into the right position

Re-install the 3 large screws in the bottom of the print head, making sure to get all 3 started before tightening any of them down completely

If any of them don't screw in freely, don't force them. Back out the screw and try to start it again, making sure that it is feeding straight in and are not tilted in any direction.

Once all 3 screws are feeding in well, tighten all 3 down in any order.

Install the new print head on the printer

7 Connect the electrical connector

Paying careful attention to make sure that the pins are lined up, carefully slide the electrical connector together without twisting or bending any of the pins.

You can check that it is lined up correctly by checking that the metal pins visible on the sides of the connector line up

Carefully slide the connectors together
This is RIGHT, the pins line up
This is WRONG, the pins don't line up

8 Zip tie the harness to the print head

Use 2 of the zip ties to tie the harness up to the side of the print head

Make sure that the harness and the zip ties are clear of the belt, gears and rods

Install a 3rd zip tie at the top of the black cable sleeving as shown, this is just to keep the wires together going into the connector area

Clip off the free ends of the zip tie

The location of the zip tie holes are highlighted
Both zip ties installed
Top zip tie area
Clip off the free ends of the zip ties

9 Reinstall top plate

Reinstall the top plate, making sure that the small opening in the corner is over the harness as shown

Make sure that the wires are not pinched, the cutout in the top plate should locate the connector well

Line up top plate as shown
Screw in both bolts holding the top plate on
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