Project Dashboard Miscellaneous Mini gLCD kit assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly

Components to build: KT-EL0072
1x- [PP-IS0043] Mini LCD Bracket Right V1 with inserts
1x- [PP-IS0056] Mini LCD Case with inserts
4x- [PP-GP0089] LCD_spacer_v0.4
1x- [PP-GP0331] Mini LCD Knob
1x- [PP-GP0324] Mini LCD Bezel
1x- [PP-GP0328] Mini Accessory LCD Cover, Front
1x- [PP-GP0329] Mini LCD Bezel Spacer
5x- [HD-BT0137] M3 x 8 Bolt, BHCS, Black-Oxide
3x- [HD-BT0171] Black Oxide Steel Button-Head Socket Cap Screw M3 Size, 20 mm Length, .5 mm Pitch
4x- [HD-BT0206] M3 x 25 Bolt FHCS, Black-Oxide, Partially Threaded
8x- [HD-WA0038] Black-Oxide 18-8 Steel Flat Washer, M3 Screw Size, 3.2mm ID, 7.0mm OD
1x- [PC-BD0057] Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller, gLCD
1x- [PC-AS0041] Plastic Laser Cut LCD Cover

Components for boxing:
1x - SH-PA0049 - Korrvu Medium Retention Pack for Standard Tool Heads
1x - SH-BX0055 - TAZ 6 Tool Head and Accessory Box: 9-1/2 x 7 x 3-7/8 Die Cut, 32 ECT, B Flute, Kraft, Plain
1x - EL-HR0131 - LCD Harness 1 EL-HR0131 Cable Drawing
1x - EL-HR0132 - LCD Harness 2 EL-HR0132 Cable Drawing
1x - AS-EL0001 - Mini LCD add on assembly
1x - AS-PK0023 - Mini LCD Packaging assembly
1x - DC-LB0144 - Front label
1x - DC-LB0145 - Back label
14" - SH-PG0056 - Kraft packing tape

Components for AS-PK0023:
2x - PP-IS0054 - Top cable bracket
1x - PP-IS0055 - Side cable bracket
1x - DC-MS0054 - Firmware update card
1x - DC-LB0060 - Congratulations card
1x - El-MS0385 - SD card
4x - HD-BT0128 - M3x6 FHCS
2x - HD-BT0137 - M3x8 BHCS
2x - HD-BT0206 - M3x25 FHCS
2x - HD-WA0038 - M3 washer
1x - SH-PG0001 - 2x3 Bag
1x - SH-PG0006 - 6x9 bag
1x - SH-PG0031 - ESD bag
1x - DC-LB0174 - P65 Warning Label

Tools for Assembly:
1x- M2 hex driver
1x- Exacto blade

Required parts
Parts for LCD kit install (bagged)
Tools required

2 Identify Printed Parts & Install thermal set inserts

Install thermal inserts into printed parts, as shown.
7 on side A and 4 on side B

PP-GP0330 (without inserts) becomes PP-IS0056 with inserts
PP-GP0330 (without inserts) becomes PP-IS0056 with inserts
Top bracket (qty:2) PP-GP0326 (without inserts) becomes PP-IS0054
Side bracket PP-GP0327 (without inserts) becomes PP-IS0055
Mini LCD Bracket
Mini LCD Bracket

3 Assemble bracket onto PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case

Install [PP-IS0043] Mini LCD Bracket Right V1 with inserts to PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case by placing the bracket on PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case.
Then install 3 [HD-BT0171] M3x20 bhcs through 3 [HD-WA0038] black oxide washers, then through the bracket, then PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case
Tighten all down.

[PP-IS0043] Mini LCD Bracket Right V1 with inserts with loose screws on PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case
Assembled part

4 Mount LCD into case

Install LCD spacers PP-GP0089 between the circuit board and lcd display. Place PP-GP0329 - Mini LCD Bezel Spacer on top of LCD display
Place Screen protector PC-AS0041 on top of Bezel spacer
Insert 4ea. HD-BT0206 M3x25 FHCS through the Lcd bezel spacer - PP-GP0329 , PP-GP0230 - Bezel

Set the LCD with screws down into the LCD case and tighten the screws down

Verify that the SD card will fit in the SD card slot once the LCD display has been installed in the case.

PP-IS0056 - Mini LCD Case.
Bezel spacer - PP-GP0239
Bezel Spacer on LCD- PP-GP0239
Screen Protector
Lcd protector

5 Add cover plate (front) and knob onto LCD

Place plastic laser cut lcd cover - on top of Bezel and place four M3x8 BHCS [HD-BT0137] (with washers [HD-WA0038]) through the cover. Then tighten down the screws. Then attach the LCD knob - PP-GP0331.

Front plate with screws inserted
Knob PP-GP0331 installed

6 Test LCD display

Insert a test SD card.

Plug the LCD into the test fixture.

Click the reset button on the RAMBo board.

Verify there are no defects in the LCD screen and it boots up normally.

Click the knob and verify it makes a beep.

Scroll through menu till you get to print from SD. Click and verify it lists files from SD card.

7 Identify cables harness

Harness 1: EL-HR0131, no label
Harness 2 EL-HR0132, requires label SH-PG0019 (White)

Install label: On harness 2 as shown on photo.

Verify that the cable length is a minimum of 690mm between the connectors.

label SH-PG0019

8 Package the LCD display with cables

Place the LCD display in Korrvu-SH-PA0049, fold and set in box SH-BX0055

Place cables EL-HR0131 and EL-HR0132 into box.

Lastly, Place the [DC-LB0174] on the top-center of the box.

Packaged gLCD display
Packaged gLCD display with accessories
P65 Warning Label placed at Top-center
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