Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Mini Aerostruder Packaging Workflow

1 Gather Materials

Materials needed:

[AS-TH0061] - Mini Aerostruder - x1

[DC-LB0139] - Front label - x1

[DC-LB0140] - Back label - x1

[DC-MS0037] - Colorado made sticker - x1

[DC-MS0054] - Firmware update warning - x1

[DC-MS0060] - CONGRATULATIONS!- Accessory Instruction Card

[HD-MS0375] - ESD foam - x1

[SH-PG0001] - 2x3 bag - x1

[TL-CS0056] - Glue stick - x1

[TL-HD0226] - 2.5mm Allen Wrench - x1

[TL-HD0227] - 4mm Allen Wrench - x1

[SH-PA0049] - Korrvu - x1

[SH-BX0055] - Tool head box - x1

[DC-LB0174] - P65 Warning Label - x1

Stickers 'n' stuff
Box (un-folded)

2 Fold box [SH-BX0055]

Take your un-folded box [SH-BX0055] placing so that the fold creases are facing you and start by folding up the flaps on the left side of the box as shown.

Next fold those side in towards the middle, as shown.

Now take the longer flap and fold it over the two side flaps we brought in towards the middle, as shown.

Repeat this process for the right side flaps.

Side Flaps
Sides towards middle
Half folded
Terry folds
Box fully assembled

3 Add ESD foam to pins

Take the ESD foam [HD-MS0375] and place it over the pins of the Aerostruder tool head [AS-TH0061].

Tool head and foam
Foam over pins
Foam full covering pins

4 Place Aerostruder into Korrvu

We will now place the Aerostruder tool head into the Korrvu [SH-PA0049].

First take the Korrvu and fold up the flaps without the finger holes. This will loosen the plastic wrap so we can slide the tool head under it.

Now slide the tool head under the plastic wrap. Make sure when you slide the tool head in, the tool head should be lying on the motor with the heat sink fan facing you.

Next, fold the flaps without the finger holes down. This will tighten the plastic of the korrvu over the tool head.

Now we can fold the flaps with the finger holes up so we can place the tool head into the box.

Tool head with Korrvu
Flaps folded up
Sliding it in
Tool head under plastic wrap with motor on bottom
First flap down
Both flaps down
First one
Next one

5 Place tool head in box

This one will be simple. Take the tool head, inside the korrvu and place it in the box as shown.

Tool head outside box
Tool head in Box

6 Add accessories

Now that the tool head is in the box we can add the accessories.

First we need to pack the allen wrenches into its bag. Take the 2.5mm allen wrench [TL-HD0226] and the 4mm wrench [TL-HD0227] and place them into their bag [SH-PG0001].

Now we will place all the accessories into the box. First place the allen wrenches towards the back of the box, then place the glue stick [TL-CS0117] over the allen wrenches, then the Congratulations card [DC-MS0060] then place the firmware update card [DC-MS0054] over all that.

Wrenches and bag
Wrenches in bag
The accessories
Allens in first
Now the glue
Materials needed
First put in the Congratulations card
And then the firmware update warning

7 Close and tape box

We now have all the accessories in the box, close the box and take it to one of the uline tape machines.

On the tape machine first make sure you have the brown tape loaded into the machine. Select the 12" length on the machine.

Place the tape with slightly more depth on the top of the box.

Then we will fold down the sides of the tape as shown.

Now fold the sides of the tape in towards the middle.

Lastly, fold the tape down securing the lid of the box closed.

Box closed
Uline tape machine with brown tape loaded
Select 12 "
Tape on box with about 60% of tape width on top of box
Fold sides of tape down
Folding tape towards middle
Tape folded to the middle
Folding tape down
Tape folded down

8 Add all stickers/labels

Great job taping that box closed we are on the last step, placing stickers/labels.

Take the front sticker [DC-LB0139] and place it on the front of the box as shown.

Now take the back sticker [DC-LB0140] and place it in the same fashion as we did the front sticker.

Take the Colorado made sticker [DC-MS0037] And place it on the right side of the box in the top right corner as shown.

Lastly, Place the [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label on the top-center of the box.

Sticker placement
Smooth out any lines or creases
Sticker on box
Sticker placement
Smooth it out
Sticker on box looking good
Made in Colorado
Placement of P65 Warning Label
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