Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades Mini 3 Enclosure Assembly Workflow

1 Getting Started

Required Tools:
2.0mm hex wrench
2.5mm hex wrench

Included parts:
Mini 3 Enclosure Shell Front and Back Set
2x printed enclosure handles
1x printed enclosure side
1x printed enclosure top
1x printed fan bezel
4x M3 x 8 screws
4x M3 washers
4x M3 x 12 thumb screws

Hex drivers
Clear panels
3D Printed panels

2 Install Enclosure Handles

Place washer over screw and set into one of the small holes on the clear front panel and start threading the screw into the handle by hand to get it started. Ensure that the handles are facing outwards.

Secure both handles by hand threading the screws and washers through the clear panel.

Use your 2.5mm hex wrench to tighten the screws into the handles.

Do not overtighten.

Washer on screw
Hardware inserted into clear panel
Securing hardware to handle
Secure handle to hardware
Handles secured

3 Install Fan Bezel

Take the fan bezel and slide into the clear rear panel.

Note the corners of the bezel.
The rounded corners will slide in, while the sharper corners will align with the edge.

Rear panel of enclosure
Fan cover insterted
Fan cover fully installed

4 Install Enclosure Mounting Screws

Using the 2.0mm hex wrench, remove the 4 outermost screws on the top of the 3D printer's frame.
See image for exact ones to remove.

Use the 4 3D printed thumb screws and secure them in place of the previously removed screws.
You only need to secure these finger tight.

Screws to remove
Remove marked screws
Install 4 panel screws

5 Attach Top and Side Panels

Take the side panel and slide it into position behind the runout sensor on the right side of the printer.

Secure the top side of the side panel and press around the edges of the panel to secure it to the printer's frame.

Locate the top panel.

Note that the opening of the top panel is slightly offset and closer to one side than the other.
Place the top panel on the top of the printer with the opening offset closer to the front of the printer.

Push in the edges to secure to the printers frame.

3D Printed side panel
Align side panel
Slide side panel into position
Secure lower side panel
3D Printed top panel
Place top panel in position
Secure top panel

6 Attach Enclosure

Place the rear and front clear panels on the printer.

You may need to angle the panels a little bit to fit them on the thumb screws you previously installed, then set the panel down to secure it to the printer's frame.

Congratulations! Your enclosure is assembled and ready to use!

If you encounter issues please contact Technical Support by emailing, or by calling +1-701-809-0800.

Place front and rear panels on printer
All panels installed
Done! Take me home