Project Dashboard Mini v1.04 Mini 1.04 Y axis subassembly Workflow

1 Components and hardware

Gather parts:

1x- Mini, Bed Plate Assembly

1x- EL-HR0114 - Bed Harness

1x- PP-GP0249 bed clip v3

4x- HD-BT0128 M3 x 6 Bolt, FHCS Black-Oxide

2x- HD-BT0104 M3 x 8 Bolt, BHCS, SST

13x- HD-BT0137 M3 x 8 Bolt, BHCS, Black-Oxide

1x- HD-NT0001 Metric Zinc-Plated Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut, Class 8, M3 Screw sz, .5MM pitch, 5.5MM W, 4MM H

8x- HD-WA0038 Black-Oxide 18-8 Stainless Steel Flat Washer, M3 Screw Size, 3.2mm ID, 7.0mm OD

1x- EL-MT0029 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

1x- EL-MT0032 Nema 17 Stepper Motor Damper

1x- HD-MS0033 GT2, 16 Teeth, timing pulley, AL

2x- HD-BT0140 M3 x 6 Bolt, BHCS Black-Oxide

2x- HD-MS0058 8" cable tie

Tools needed:

2.5mm hex driver

2 Attach Y axis harness to Bed Plate assembly

Place the Y Bed plate assembly plate side down onto the work station

Route the Yellow/ White wire pair as well as the Green, Gray, Brown, and Pink wires through the last slot in the cable chain, open the last two backside access latches, send wires through the last slot in the top side of the chain, close the latches

Attach EL-HR0114 (Y axis Harness) to Y bed plate assembly with 2x- M3x 6 FHS black, tightened to 5in*lbs

Connect the two ring terminals from the cable harness to the screw, Secure the ring terminals to the screw with a M3 Nyloc nut tighten until the ring terminals no longer move and the SS screw head remains flush and tight to the bed plate

Connect the Green & Gray to the switch on the front (idler side) and the Pink & Brown on the back (motor side),

Tie the two pairs together with a cable tie with the cable tie as close to the Gray/ Brown wires pair.

Cables inside of the cable chain must not cross or overlap one another See example image

Install the bed clip

Bed plate assembly, Idler side shown at the bottom of the assembly, Motor Mount side shown at top
Open the two access panel on the back of the chain
Re-route wires shown through the cable chain
Secure the cable chain to the bed plate
Align two ring terminals with SST post and secure with M3 Nyloc nut
Connect wire Gray & Green to front, Orange & Pink to back, couple both pairs of wires together with cable tie
Example of cables laying properly inside the chain, Cables must not cross inside the cable chain
Install bed clip as shown

3 Install Y axis Motor

Offset a pulley 10mm from the face of the motor; Align one of the set screws with the flat of the motor shaft

Tighten screw to 5 in-lbs then tighten the second screw to 5 in-lbs

Route the Y motor cable segment with the motor connector through round vertical opening in the bottom plate then connect the cable fork terminal to the motor with a M3 x 5 SST screw, tighten (~8 in*lbs), note position of the installed screw to the motor connector

Install a damper onto the Motor using 2x- M3x 6 BHCS Black (no washers are used here)

Install the motor (note orientation shown) onto the bottom plate assembly, secure motor with 2x- M3x 6 BHCS Black with M3 Black washers, tighten screws to ~8 in*lbs

Offset Pulley 10mm
Attach motor ground to motor
Attach damper
Attach Y motor to bottom plate

4 Install Y bed plate assembly onto Bottom plate

Align the Bottom Plate flange with a square opening with the idler end of the Y bed plate assembly, the motor end will align with the opposite side of the bottom plate

Secure the Idler end to the bottom plate with 4x- M3x 8 BHCS Black and 4x- M3 washers black, tighten to 5 in*lbs

Secure the motor mount to the bottom plate with 4x- M3x 8 BHCS Black and 4x- M3 washers black, tighten to 5 in*lbs

Flip the assembly so the bed mount is facing up. Slide the bed mount plate to the idler side. Torque the double bearing holder screws to 5in*lbs.

Align Bottom plate to bed plate, secure Motor mount to bottom plate
Torque double bearing holder screws

5 Attach Y axis harness to Bottom Plate

Place the assembly so the bed plate is now up and the bottom plate is on the work station, push the bed plate assembly toward the motor end until the bed stops

Attach the ferrite end of the Y axis cable to the bottom plate with 2x- M3x 6 FHS black

Secure the Y axis cable to the bottom plate with a 8" cable tie

Attach Y axis cable to Bottom plate
Secure Y Axis motor cable to the bottom frame at only this location
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