Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Meteor 175 Tool Head Assembly Workflow

1 Gather Materials

1x- [AS-CB0209] Meteor Wire Harness
1x- [DC-LB0154] Caution Hot Sticker
2x- [DC-LB0160] Tool Head Serial Number Sticker
1x- [EL-TH0013] 104gt DNR Thermistor
2x- [HD-BT0005] M3x10 SHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-BT0039] M3x12 SHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-BT0041] M3x25 SHCS, Black-Oxide
3x- [HD-BT0137] M3x8 BHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-BT0171] M3x20 BHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-MS0100] Hot Block Hardware Kit, Standard
2x- [HD-MS0588] 4" Cable Tie
6x- [HD-WA0038] M3 Washer
1x- [PP-GP0726] Meteor Fan Duct
1x- [PP-GP0733] Meteor Mount-1.75mm
1x- [PP-MP0335] LGX Extruder, 1.75mm, Non-Retail, large motor, metal gears
1x- [PP-MP0337] Mosquito Hot Block, 1.75mm, Non-Retail
1x- [PP-MP0339] Mosquito Heat Break, 1.75mm, Conduction
1x- [PP-MP0341] ACE Mosquito Cold Block & Heatsink, 1.75mm
1x- [PP-MP0412] Micro Swiss 1.75mm Filament 0.5 mm Nozzle MET175

Gather Materials

2 Remove LGX Filament Guide and Rotate Motor

3 Install the Heat Break and Hot Block

4 Install Meteor Wire Harness

5 Install the Extruder Mount

6 Install the Fan Duct

7 Place Caution Hot Sticker

8 Secure the Wire Braid to the Wire Harness

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