Project Dashboard TAZ Pro S M175 Toolhead Assembly Workflow

1 Gather Materials

1x- [AS-CB0105] M175 Extruder Harness
1x- [AS-HE0044] M175 Hot End
1x- [EL-MT0069] NEMA 17 Half Height Stepper Motor, LDO
1x- [EL-TH0012] Cartridge Style Thermistor with Molex Connector
3x- [HD-BT0154] M3x45 SHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-BT0171] M3x20 BHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-BT0261] M2.5x16 BHCS, Black-Oxide
2x- [HD-BT0262] M2.5x6 BHCS, Black-Oxide
1x- [HD-WA0038] M3 Washer
1x- [PP-GP0491] M175 Extruder Mount
1x- [PP-GP0492] M175 Blower Shroud
1x- [PP-MP0290] M175 Bondtech Extruder

Gather Materials
Required Jig

2 Install Inserts

Install four M3-.5 brass heat-set inserts [HD-MS0030] into the locations shown.

Placement of 3 inserts
Placement of insert

3 Connect Extruder and Hotend

Using 2x [HD-BT0262] M2.5 x 6mm screws, fasten the Hotend [AS-HE0044] to the Extruder Body [PP-MP0292]. A 1.5mm allen wrench may be required to secure the screws.

Extruder body and hotend orientation
Hotend secured to extruder body

4 Install Thermistor and Heater Cartridge

Remove the retaining screw from the hot block. Place [EL-TH0012] Cartridge Style Thermistor and [AS-CB0108] Heater Cartridge Harness into the holes in the heater block as shown. Secure both with the removed retaining screw.

Removal of retaining screw
Placement of Heater Cartridge and Thermistor
Securing retaining screw

5 Install Zero Sense Harness

Remove the retaining screw from the hot block. Install the zero sense wire [AS-CB0100] and fasten the retaining screw back into place until it is hand tight. Be sure that the zero sense wire is routed behind the heatsink as shown.

Removal of retaining screw
Zero sense harness being secured

6 Install Drive Gear onto Motor

Place M175 Extruder Gear Spacing Jig [PP-JF0027] on the face of the stepper motor. Then, place the Drive Gear [HD-MS0576] onto the shaft of the motor. It is important that the set screw is on the flat side of the shaft, and directed away from the motor as shown. Apply Blue Loctite and torque the set screw to 3 in*lbs

Set screw on flat side of shaft
Correct orientation of set screw

7 Assemble Extruder Body, Mount, and Motor

Place the Hotend Assembly [PP-MP0290], the M175 Extruder Mount [PP-GP0491], and the Stepper Motor [EL-MT0069] with Drive Gear [HD-MS0576] in the order and orientation shown. Fit the extruder gear through the extruder mount and into the hotend assembly.

Orientation of body, mount, and motor

8 Fasten Hotend Assembly to Motor

Install two M3 thread 45mm long screws [HD-BT0154] into the holes shown. Tighten screws to 5 in*lbs.

Securing hotend assembly

9 Install Blower Shroud

Place blower shroud [PP-GP0492] into the slot on the extruder mount.

Blower shroud slot
Blower shroud installed

10 Fasten Hotend Assembly to Motor

Install one M3 thread 45mm long screw [HD-BT0154] into the hole shown. Tighten screw to 5 in*lbs.

Securing hotend assembly

11 Install Heatsink Fan

Place two [HD-BT0261] M1.5 thread 16mm long screws through the heatsink fan in the orientation shown. Tighten the screws until they are hand tight.

Be sure the fan is in the correct orientation. The label should not be visible.

Fan secured with screws

12 Connect Thermistor to Thermistor Harness

Connect the Thermistor harness [AS-CB0101] and the Thermistor [EL-TH0012] as shown

Thermistor connected to harness

13 Install Blower Fan

Using one M3 x20mm BHCS [HD-BT0171] and one M3 washer [HD-WA0038], install the blower fan as shown. Route the wires along the motor connection.

Placement of blower fan
Blower fan secured with screw

14 Connect Motor Harness

Connect the Extruder Motor Harness [AS-CB0106] to the Stepper Motor [EL-MT0069] as shown.

Motor harness connected to stepper motor

15 Install Thumbscrew Assembly

Secure Thumbscrew Assembly [HD-MS0575] until spring is compressed as shown in the picture.

Thumbscrew installed

16 Apply Warning Sticker

Apply 1x- [DC-LB0155] 0.5mm "Hot" Warning Sticker to the blower fan as pictured.

Warning sticker applied to fan

17 Check your Work

Ensure your finished M175 toolhead looks like the picture shown

Finished toolhead
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