Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades LulzBot TAZ SideKick Flexible Bed Installation Workflow

1 Gather Materials

2mm Hex Key
Gloves - recommended

1x- SideKick 747 or Mini 2/289 Flexible Bed Kit

Be careful while handling the magnetic plate, the magnets are strong and can pinch your fingers.
It is recommended to wear gloves.

TAZ SideKick flexible bed kit

2 Remove Glass Bed

Start by removing the (4x) 3d printed corners holding the glass bed down with the use of a 2mm hex wrench.

Carefully remove the glass plate.

Remove the 4 corners
Remove the glass plate

3 Install Magnetic Plate

Remove the flex plate from the magnetic plate if it is already attached.

Place the magnetic plate on the bed heater.

Using the 2mm hex wrench, install the (4x) 3d printed bed corners.

Place magnetic plate on bed heater
Install the 4 corner pieces to secure plate to y-axis

4 Set Flexible Bed Plate on Magnetic Bed Plate

While holding onto the handle of the flexible bed plate set it on top of the magnetic bed plate with the handle facing the front of the printer.

Align the rear corners of the flexible build plate so the plate sits flat.

For smooth flexible bed only
-Make sure the LulzBot logo is facing up.
-Do not print on underside of the flexible plate as any damage to underside surface may prevent the bed from sitting flat.

Carefully align the flex plate to the magnetic plate
Ensure the flex plate is sitting flat
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