Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades LulzBot TAZ Pro Universal Tool Head Installation Workflow

1 Getting Started

Follow the instructions below to quickly install your new tool head on a LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D Printer.

LulzBot TAZ Pro with HS 0.8 mm Tool Head

3 Additional Items Required

You will also need

  • LulzBot TAZ Pro desktop 3D printer
  • 2.5 mm hex key
  • Computer Connection
Additional Items Needed

4 Position Z-Axis

Power on the LulzBot Pro 3D Printer. This will automatically move the X-axis gantry to the top of the printer.

Home the 3D printer by using the LCD touch screen. Press Menu, then Auto Home.

Adjust the position of the tool head using the LCD touch screen menu so that is about 200 mm above the print bed and close to the middle of the X-axis.

Position the tool head in the build area

5 Power Off Your LulzBot 3D Printer

Once the tool head is position, turn the printer off.

Unplug the AC power cable from the wall outlet, then unplug from the rear of the printer.

Unplug the USB cable (if installed).

Turn the printer off
Unplug USB and AC power from printer

6 Remove Tool Head Cover

Unscrew the three screws highlighted on the top of the tool head cover.

Lift the toolhead cover up and off of the tool head.

Unscrew highlighted screws and remove tool head cap

7 Unplug Tool Head

Turn the printer so that the back of the printer can be easily accessed, then unplug the 3 pin connections from each side of the tool head carriage.

Unplug the large connection from the left side (when viewed from behind) of the tool head carriage.

Unplug the remaining large connection from the tool itself, leaving the wiring in place to plug into the new accessory tool head.

Unplug both 3 pin connections
Unplug the large left tool head connection
Unplug the large right tool head connection

8 Remove Existing Tool Head

Support the tool head to ensure it does not fall onto the print bed.

Unscrew the tool head mounting screw on the back of the X-axis carriage with the 2 mm hex key.

Unscrew the two tool head mounting screws on the top of the tool head with the 2 mm hex key.

Carefully support tool head during removal
Unscrew the back tool head mounting screw
Unscrew the top tool head mounting screws

9 Mount New Tool Head

Hold new tool head in place while screwing in both top tool head mounting screws using the 2 mm hex key.

While still supporting the tool head, screw in the tool head mounting screw on the back of the X-axis carriage using the 2 mm hex key.

Screw in top mounting screws
Screw in back mounting screw

10 Plug in New Tool Head

Find the side of the connector on the tool head wiring with a small wedge. Align it with the clip on the connector from the X-axis carriage and connect them.

Identify the correct side of the connector
Plug in the tool head

11 Install or Update Cura LulzBot Edition

Install the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition. It is important to have the LulzBot Edition of Cura, as it has preset machine configuration profiles built into it.

Go to to install Cura LulzBot Edition.

Plug in your LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printer to the power supply and power on your 3D printer.

Once powered on, connect your 3D printer to your computer using the USB cable.

Open Cura LulzBot Edition.

Download Cura LulzBot Edition

12 Set Up New Tool Head in Cura

Select Settings dropdown > Printer > Add Printer

Select LulzBot TAZ Pro in the first column, then the appropriate toolhead in the second column, and click Add Printer.

Select Finish.

Select Add Printer from the Settings dropdown menu
Select the correct printer and tool head, then click Add Printer
Click Finish

13 Update Firmware

Select Settings dropdown > Printer > Manage Printers.

Confirm the LulzBot TAZ Pro and correct tool head are selected, and click Upgrade Firmware.

Select Automatically Update Firmware.

Select Manage Printers from the Settings dropdown menu
Click Upgrade Firmware
Click Automatically Upgrade

14 Select New Tool Head on Printers LCD

Navigate to the first menu screen on your printers LCD and select the Tool Heads menu.

Scroll down until you find the correct tool head that corresponds with the tool head installed on your printer and select it.

TAZ Pro tool head menu
TAZ Pro tool head options

15 Remove Factory Filament

Using the LCD touchscreen press Menu, then Change Filament.

On the Change Filament screen, press 180C (PLA). When the tool head has reached the target temperature, press Unload Continuous.

Note: PLA is used during quality assurance testing. When switching tool heads in the future, be sure to match the temperature to the filament that was previously used.

Once filament stops retracting remove it from the tool head.

Press Menu -> Change Filament
Press 180C (PLA) then Unload Continuous

16 Insert New Filament

Insert new filament into the toolhead while pinching the extruder idler.

Press the Continuous extrude button on the touch screen LCD and let filament feed through the tool head until it extrudes smoothly.

Pinch the extruder idler and insert new filament.
Press Load/Extrude Continuous

17 Enjoy Printing with Your New Tool Head!

You've now finished installation and are ready to start printing! Try performing a test print, such as the Rock2pus.

If you encounter issues please contact Technical Support by emailing, or by calling +1-701-809-0800.

Try out the Rock2pus for your first print!
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