Project Dashboard Heat Beds Lulzbot TAZ Modular Print Bed Heater Workflow

1 Prep Bed Heater

First grab [AS-HB0004] TAZ Modular Print Bed Heater while inspecting for major scratches on the metal, and /or bent corners. Please check the length of the wires are 75mm +/- 6mm. Gently pull the connectors to be sure crimping was done correctly and connectors are not too loose or fall off. Second, using gloves and a shop towel, use the Acetone dispenser to dab a liberal amount onto the shop towel. Then wiping up and down, left to right. Next, carefully cut the "TEMPCO" tab and place a [EL-MS0073] Tubing Corrugated Loom .25", Black around both wires with a zip-tie tighten to a snug fit. Cut excess zip-tie material.

Acetone dispenser
Wipe up & down, left to right.
Cut TEMPCO tags
Add corrugated loom
Zip-tie corrugated loom
Carefully cut excess zip-tie material.

2 Tester

There are two different sd cards one has a 30 min cycle and the other is a 50 min cycle. If the bed has been sitting for 2 days or longer use the 50 min test. If the bed has been sitting for less than two days use the 30 min cycle. After the test is complete inspect the beds for bubbling or silvering. If the bed passes the tester, it is ready for use in the production line or to send to the store. Temperature should maintain 60C during testing period of 15 min, then it will hold at 110C for the remainder of test.

Photo of TAZ Bed Heaters on tester

3 Packaging

First, obtain the [SH-PA0048] TAZ Heat Bed: 18 x 18 Die Cut Pad (insert) with creased side up, folding four sides (See images) Put TAZ Modular Print Bed between the four folded sides, tape two pairs of flaps together. Second, grab a [SH-BA0008] 16 x 16" 6 Mil Reclosable Bags to place the TAZ Modular Print Bed. Once you have completed this task.

Next, proceed to grab [SH-BX0075] TAZ Heat Bed: 14-3/4 x 14-3/4 x 1/2 44 ECT B Brown Die Cut One Piece Folder with creased side of box should face up while larger flaps are opening left to right (See images).Place TAZ Modular Print Bed into SH-BX0075. Fold small flap, fold bottom inward. Then, fold the last two larger flaps followed by taping close using clear packaging tape.

Finally, Proceed to labeling box with the [DC-LB0136] Label, TAZ Modular Heat Bed. Please note when applying label, box should be standing straight up. Opening of box(taped side) must be on the right with packaging tape vertical. Set barcode with the top middle narrow side of the box. Please do not place label at an angle and must be free of bubbles.(See Images)

Creased side up
Wires should be through the top hole
Tape two paired corners
Fold top and bottom flap
Using clear tape, secure box closed
[DC-LB0136] Label, TAZ Modular Heat Bed
Position of label
Finished label position
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