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1 Getting Started

After following this Quick Start Guide, your LulzBot 3D printer will be MOAR capable than ever.

MOARstruder Open Source Hardware Association Vase

2 Included Materials

Included Materials

  • MOARstruder v2 Tool Head
  • Clear t-glase sample filament, 8 m (26.25 ft) long
  • Glue stick (Elmer's® brand)
  • M3 mounting screw, 20 mm (0.79 in) long
  • Metal washer

Note: Do not cut the clear plastic wrap.
Unfold the cardboard insert to remove the tool head.
Save the packaging for future storage and shipping needs.

Included materials

3 Additional Items Required

You will also need

  • LulzBot TAZ 6 desktop 3D printer
  • USB cable, included with your LulzBot TAZ
  • GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows-based computer
  • 2.5 mm hex key or driver
Items required

4 Position the Z-Axis

Let's get started!

Power on your LulzBot TAZ 3D printer.

Home the TAZ 3D printer by using the Graphical LCD Controller by navigating to: Movement > Auto Home.

Raise the Z-axis up by using the Graphical LCD controller by navigating to: Movement > Move Axis > Move 1mm > Move Z

Change the value to at least 200.

Raise Z-axis

5 Power Off Your LulzBot 3D Printer

Completely power off your LulzBot 3D Printer and unplug the power cord and USB cable (if used) before proceeding.

Power off yout TAZ 3D printer, disconnect the USB cable

6 Remove Existing Tool Head

Gently unplug the connectors for your current tool head taking care to not bend any pins.

With one hand support the tool head and unscrew the single M3 screw securing it to the X-axis carriage, and remove it by lifting the tool head up.

Unplug tool head connector
Remove tool head mounting screw

7 Record MOARstruder E-steps

Your new MOARstruder has a different Extruder Steps Per Unit (ESteps) value than the standard TAZ tool head. This important new value can be found on a sticker on the back of the extruder.

Record this value before continuing.

Record MOARstruder ESteps

8 Mount New Tool Head

Remove the protective foam from the tool head connector.

Place the tool head onto the X-axis carriage by firmly but gently seating it while supporting the tool head with your other hand.

Secure the tool head to the X-axis carriage with the included M3 screw. Tighten until finger tight.


Remove foam from connector
Mount new tool head
Secure new tool head

9 Plug In Tool Head

Connect the two 16 pin connectors, matching pin orientation, sticker-side up.

Verify the connectors are appropriately connected before proceeding.

Connector Stickers Face Up
Push connectors together

10 Install Or Update Cura LulzBot Edition

Cura LulzBot Edition is available from:

Install Cura LulzBot Edition if not already installed on your computer.

Note: If Cura has already been installed, update to the latest version by installing it from the link above, as it has preset machine configuration profiles and the required firmware updates included.

Plug in your LulzBot TAZ 3D printer to the power supply and power on your 3D printer.

Once powered on, connect your 3D printer to your computer using the USB cable.

Open Cura LulzBot Edition.

Download or update Cura LulzBot Edition
Open Cura LulzBot Edition

11 Setup New Tool Head In Cura

In Cura:

Select Machine > LulzBot TAZ 6

Select Machine > Machine settings

In the Machine settings window:

Select Change Tool Head

Select LulzBot TAZ 6
Open Machine settings
Select Change tool head

12 Choose Your Tool Head

Select Single Extruder.

Press the Next button.

Select MOARstruder.

Press the Next button.

You will flash the firmware in the next step.

Select Single Extruder
Select MOARstruder

13 Install Firmware

Press Flash the firmware.

Press Start to load the MOARstruder firmware.

Press the OK button.

Select Finish and the tool head wizard will close.

Press the OK button to close the Machine settings window.

Unplug the USB cable.

Install firmware
Select Finish to close the wizard

14 Update the MOARstruder E-steps

Update the extruder steps per unit (E-steps or esteps) to get the best performance from your MOARstruder Tool Head.

Use the Graphical LCD controller and navigate to: Configuration > Advanced settings > Esteps/mm.

Select Esteps/mm and update the value with the Esteps recorded in Step 7.

Scroll up and select Configuration > Save settings to store the updated values.

Update E-steps

15 Load OSHW Vase Model

Download this file: OSHWA_vase_MOARstruder_first_print.stl

Save the file by right clicking and selecting Save as or Save link as.

Load the OSHWA_vase_MOARstruder_first_print.stl into Cura LulzBot Edition

OSHW Vase model loaded

16 Select Material and Quickprint Profile

Under Material ease of use select All.

Under Material select t-glase (Taulman).

Choose the Spiral vase quickprint profile.

Remove the SD Card from the TAZ 6 Control Box and install it into your computer.

Save the sliced model to the SD Card by pressing the Save GCode button.

Remove the SD card and place it back into the SD card slot on the TAZ 6 Control Box.

Note: Large or time-consuming 3D prints are more reliable when initiated and controlled through the Graphical LCD Controller.

Select print options

17 Prepare Your 3D Printer


Locate the included glue stick.

Most polyester-based filament like t-glase will adhere exceedingly well to the print surface. To aid part removal, evenly apply glue stick to the print surface.

Failure to do so may cause the printed object to bond too well to the PEI print surface.

Turn on the hot end through the Graphical LCD by navigating to Temperature > Nozzle > 230.

Glue stick applied to print surface
Set Extruder Temperature

18 Remove Filament

Your tool head was calibrated before leaving our Colorado, USA factory. This filament will need to be removed and purged.

Wait until the TAZ 6 hot end displays a temperature greater than 170°C.

Using the idler retainer, compress the springs and slide up, allowing the hinged idler to to rotate into the open position.

Remove the calibration filament from the tool head.

Remove calibration filament

19 Load and Purge Filament

Feed the t-glase filament sample through the filament guide tube and into the feed hole in the extruder body and through the hot end, until a small amount of filament comes out of the tip of the nozzle.

Compress the springs with the idler retainer and rotate the hinged idler clockwise into an upright position. Lock the hinged idler into place by sliding the idler retainer back down into the locked position.

Once your 3D printer is at the appropriate extrusion temperature of 230°C, purge the calibration filament by rotating the large gear counter-clockwise until the extruded filament underneath the hot end nozzle runs clear.

Wait ten seconds for the filament to cool, then remove the extruded filament with the included tweezers.

Feed in t-glase filament sample
Insert filament
Purge calibration material

20 Your First MOARstruder Print

On the Graphical LCD controller, select Print from SD and navigate to the OSHWA_vase_MOARstruder_first_print.gcode file. Select the file to begin the 3D print.

Your LulzBot TAZ 3D printer will automatically do the following:

  • Home each axis.
  • Set hot end cleaning temperature.
  • Once the hot end cleaning temperature has been achieved it will retract the filament.
  • Nozzle cleaning routine.
  • Bed level probing: Watch this process!
  • Once the bed level probing is complete the hot end will warm to the required printing temperature.
  • When the hot end is at the appropriate temperature, your 3D print will begin!
3D printed OSHWA vase

21 Print Removal Tips

Take your time!

Your 3D printed object will be adhered rather well to the PEI print surface. Gently use the blue-handled part removal tool to probe around the edge of the printed object until you find a gap. Do not force the printed object off the print surface.

Find gap under the printed object
Gently lift from under the printed object

22 Remove Print

The bed will move forward once the printer cools to the recommended object removal temperature.

Remove your print by using the blue-handled part removal tool to separate the part from the bed.

To switch back to the original tool head, follow the same steps outlined in this guide, except this time, select the Standard LulzBot TAZ 2.1 tool head and options instead.

Store the MOARstruder in the original packaging, taking care to slowly fold over the cardboard insert flaps to secure the tool head.

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Your first MOARstruder 3D print
Lift part off bed with tool
Done! Take me home