Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly [KT-HE0008] LulzBot Aerostruder v2 Hot End Kit Workflow

1 Gather the materials

  • 1x [AS-HE0025] v2 Aero Hotend Assembly
  • 1'x [SH-PA0054] 1 / 4" x 4" x 255' Polyethylene Foam perforated at 12"
  • 1x [SH-PG0003] 4 x 6" 2 Mil Reclosable Polypropylene Bags 1000/carton
  • 1x [SH-PG0019] Avery White Shipping Labels for Laser Printers with TrueBlock Technology, 2 inches x 4 inches (5963)
  • 1x [SH-PG0022] 4 x 3 3" Indestructo Mailers
  • 1x [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label

2 Prepare the hotend

Carefully place the hot end [AS-HE0025] in the 4 x 6" reclosable polypropylene bag [SH-PG0003] and roll it up before placing it on the foam [SH-PA0054].

Carefully roll up the hot end in the foam.

Hot end in bag
Place on foam
Hot end rolled up

3 Fold the box

Fold the flaps along line 1 and pull them inward so they line up with line 3.

Fold the flaps at line 2 and bring them over line three.

Fold the last flaps at line 4 over the flaps from the previous step.

Lay the box out flat
Begin folding over the lines
Finished box

4 Final preparations

Place the foam and hot end in the recently folded box.

Place a label [SH-PG0019] and [DC-LB0174] on the top-center of the front of the box.

Hot end with foam in the box
Finished kit
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