Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly [KT-HE0006] Taz Aerostruder Hot End Kit Packaging Workflow

1 Gather Materials

  • 1x [AS-CB0048] Thermistor Harness
  • 1x [AS-HE0019] TAZ Aero Hotend Assembly
  • 1x [SH-PA0054] 1/4 x 4" x225' Polyethylene Foam perforated at 12"
  • 1x [SH-PG0003] 4 x 6" 2 Mil Reclosable Polypropylene Bags 1,000/carton
  • 1x {SH-PG0019] Avery White Shipping Laels for Laser Printers with True Block Technology, 2 inches x 4 inches (5962)
  • 1x [SH-PG0022] 4 x 3 x 3" Indestructo Mailers
  • 1x [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label

2 Prepare hotend

Clip the thermistor harness [AS-CB0048] to the hotend assembly [AS-HE0019] and carefully wrap the wires around the heatsink, as shown. Make sure that the pins are flat against the back of the heatsink so they can't get bent.

Place the hotend assembly at the bottom of the bag [SH-PG0003] and carefully roll it up before sealing the bag allowing as much of the air to escape as possible.

Wires wrapped around the heatsink
Hotend rolled up in the bag

3 Assemble the box

Take your un-folded box [SH-BX0022] placing so that the fold creases are facing you and start by folding up the flaps on the left and right side of the box as shown.

Now take the bottom flap and fold it over the two side flaps we brought in towards the middle, as shown.

Now fold the top flaps and fold them over the bottom flaps, as shown.

Side flaps
Bottom flap half folded
Top flaps half folded over

4 Prepare for final

Place the bagged hotend at the bottom of a sheet of foam [SH-PA0054] and carefully roll it up before placing it in the box [SH-PG0022].

Place a TAZ Aerostruder Hot End Kit label [SH-PG0019] on the top-center of the boxing and [DC-LB0174] P65 Warning Label facing forward, as shown.

Packaging the hotend in the foam
Final box
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