Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades Graphical LCD Controller Installation LulzBot KITTAZ Workflow

1 Before Beginning

The Graphical LCD Controller (GLCD) is an optional add-on for the KITTAZ 3D printer. This add-on allows for printing without being connected to a computer using its integrated SD card reader. You can also monitor your prints progress and view live information about temperatures, settings and modify some settings on the fly, without having to reflash the firmware.

Graphical LCD Controller (GLCD)

2 Items Needed


  • 4 mm Allen Driver
  • 2 mm Allen Driver
  • 1/16 Allen Driver

Available from

Additional materials needed from other vendors:

  • 4x M2.5 12mm screws (used to mount the GLCD into the back panel).
  • 4x M2.5 washers
  • 4x M3 12mm screws (used to secure the front panel).
Graphical LCD Controller (GLCD)
GLCD Harness
GLCD Enclosure

3 Assemble Graphical LCD Case

  • Install optional, printable LCD spacer between the circuit boards and drop a M2.5x12 Socket Head Cap screw with M2.5 washer through it.

  • Do this in all 4 corners of the board.

  • Set the LCD with screws down into the LCD case and tighten the screws down. If you decide not to use a spacer in each corner, do not over-tighten.

  • Install the knob onto the LCD with the set screw aligned with the flat.

  • The knob will go all the way down to a step on the shaft.

  • Tighten the set screw down using the 1-16 driver.

LCD Spacer Location
Knob aligned with flat portion of shaft

4 Remove Frame Corner

This next step is best performed with the Y axis assembly removed and with the main frame of the printer laying down.

  • Remove the triangular frame connector from the top left hand corner of the frame.

5 Install Graphical LCD Case

  • Keep the two M5 tee-nuts in place on the printer frame and use the existing screws to secure the Graphical LCD controller enclosure onto the printer frame.

  • Once secured, install the Y axis assembly back into the printer frame.

6 Install Graphical LCD Case Cover

  • Use the 4 M3 12mm screws to secure the front panel onto the Graphical LCD controller.

7 Connect the GLCD harness

To identify the connectors on the wiring harness, follow the large black connector.

  • The connector EXP 1 has the majority of it's wiring going to the larger black connector.
  • The connector EXP2 has wiring leading to both the large and small connector.

  • Connect EXP 1 to the left hand connector socket (when looking at the rear of the GLCD enclosure).

  • Connect EXP 2 to the right hand connector socket.

8 Plug in Cable

  • Plug in the large connector to the connector on the RAMBo electronics labelled EXT-2.
  • The red wire on the large black connector should be oriented so that it's close to the silver USB port.

  • The smaller connector is plugged into the connection labeled SP1. The connector is marked with a triangle to designate pin 1. SP1 is labeled with a small 1 to indicate orientation.

  • On each black connector match the black triangle to the Pin one locations noted on the board and in the image below.

Pin 1 Locations

9 Verify operation

  • Power on the printer.
  • The Graphical LCD controller should show an image when booting, followed by the status/information screen. If nothing shows, power off the printer and reinstall the connectors.
  • Power on the printer to verify.

10 Install Electronics Enclosure Lid

  • Install the electronics enclosure lid using the 4 M3 screws.

  • Enjoy using your new Graphical LCD Controller!

Cover installed
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