Project Dashboard Accessories and Upgrades LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder Tool Head Installation LulzBot KITTAZ Workflow

1 Before Beginning

Parts Needed


Tools Needed

  • 2.5mm driver
  • 4mm driver
  • Needlenose pliers

Downloads needed

Recommended Tools
Dual Extruder Vitamins
Dual Extruder

2 Remove Current Toolhead

  • Power down the KITTAZ 3D printer and unplug from any USB connection.
  • Disconnect the two wiring connectors for the Budaschnozzle and the stepper motor and the wiring harness.
  • Disconnect the fan connector.
  • Using the 2.5mm driver remove the M3 screw and washer.
  • Save the M3 screw and washer.
  • Lift off the current toolhead.
Disconnect Toolhead
Remove Screw

3 Mount the Dual Extruder Toolhead

  • Slide the tapered bottom of the dual extruder into the extruder mount.
  • Secure with the M3 screw. DO NOT over tighten.
Slide Toolhead Into Groove
Secure Toolhead

4 Install Additional Wiring Harness

  • Insert the new additional wiring harness into the electronics enclosure by screwing it into the existing second extruder port, found on top of the electronics case.

5 Secure Hot End Wiring

  • Zip-tie the wire harness together if desired.

  • Use zip-ties to secure the wiring harnesses to the KITTAZ frame.

  • Connect the two extruders to the wiring harness:

    • Connect the rear extruder motor (extruder 0) 4 color wire connector to the 4 color wire connector within the black wiring harness

    • Connect the rear hot end (extruder 0) 2 color wire connector to the 2 color wire connector within the black wiring harness

    • Connect the front extruder motor (extruder 1) 4 color wire connector to the 4 color wire connector within the blue wiring harness

    • Connect the front hot end (extruder 1) 2 color wire connector to the 2 color wire connector within the blue wiring harness

Harnesses Secured

6 Install Second Spool Arm (optional)

  • Loosen the M5 bolt holding the first spool arm.

  • Lower the exisiting spool arm by ~3 inches.

  • Attach 2nd spool arm using drop in fastener. Slide the provided M5 T-nut into the aluminum extrusion approximately 6” above the original spool arm position. Make sure that spools can spin freely on both arms without interfering with each other.

  • Attach 2nd feed tube on original feed tube holder.

Insert T-nut
Secure Mount

7 Prepare to load the Dual Extruder Firmware

  • Use the firmware found here:

  • Locate your original steps per unit.

    • This can be found in your TAZ printer paperwork on the sheet titled Test Acceptance Record and labelled E0.
    • On your Graphical LCD controller (if installed), use the controller knob to navigate to:
      • Configuration > Motion > Esteps/mm and record the 3 digit value.
  • Update your local Arduino installation with the required libraries using this guide

8 Update Firmware

Extract the files to a memorable location.We recommend a new folder on your Desktop, or a new folder in your Home folder.

  • Extract the Firmware archive. Once extracted, you should have the following folders:

    • Marlin
  • Open the Arduino IDE.

  • Select File > Open .

  • Navigate to the folder containing the Marlin folder you previously extracted.

  • Open the file titled Marlin.ino

  • Once opened, you should see multiple tabs across the top of the Arduino IDE window.

  • In the Configuration.h tab, update the information found in:


  • You will need to update the second to last 800 number with the Estep value found earlier.

  • Change the last 800 value to 840.

  • Once changed save the modifications by pressing CTRL & S or by selecting in the menu File > Save.

9 Flash Firmware

  • Connect the KITTAZ to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

  • Once connected, in the Arduino IDE menu, select:

    • Tools > Board and select Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK.
    • Tools > Serial Port and select your local active serial port.
  • Upload the firmware to the TAZ 3D printer by selecting File > Upload Sketch or by pressing Ctrl & U.

  • The firmware will now compile, then will upload to the board. Once finished, the Arduino IDE will display a completion message.

  • If you encounter any errors, contact support by sending an email to

  • Disconnect the KITTAZ from your computer and turn it off and back on.

10 Calibrate your Dual Extruders

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