Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Hexagon Hotend Kit, LulzBot Edition, 3.0mm filament, nozzles .35mm, .5mm, .6mm Workflow

1 Gather parts for assembly completion and Packaging

Gather parts:

  • Nozzle: Varies by unit being made, select either the 0.5mm nozzle (PP-MP0135) or 0.6mm nozzle (PP-MP0139) or 0.35mm nozzle (PP-MP0138)

  • 1x- Heater Cartridge 225mm Harness (AS-CB0001)

  • 1x- Thermistor 235mm Harness (AS-CB0022)

  • Using the required parts above proceed to building the required hot end assembly using these instructions: Hexagon hotend assembly

    0.50mm nozzle assembly use AS-HE0012
    0.35mm nozzle assembly use AS-HE0013
    0.60mm nozzle assembly use AS-HE0014

Gather additional parts

  • 1x- Connector, 4 Position Male [EL-MS0061]

  • 1x- Paint pen, Yellow

  • 1x- Hot end Mount plate [PP-MP0156]


  • 1x- Plastic Bag, 4"x6" resealable [SH-PG0031]

  • 1x- Plastic Case [SH-BX0069]

  • 1x- Case Label, for appropriate kit

Hexagon Hot end assembly (HE-SHXXXX)
Assembly and component parts for kit

2 Connector installation for Hexagon Hotend

Apply yellow paint to the flat wide side of the 4 position connector

Plug Heater Cartridge wires into positions 1 & 2 of the 4 position male connector

Plug thermistor Red wire into position 3 of the 4 position male connector,

Plug thermistor Black wire into position 4 of the 4 position male connector

Verify 95-105kOhm across Thermistor terminals with an Ohm meter

Verify the Thermistor and Heater Cartridge are not grounding to the heater block with an Ohm meter

Connector identification
Wire plug in locations
Check your pin locations and thermistor resistance

3 Package assemblies and kit

Place Hot end assembly into plastic bag, seal bag, wrap excess bag around assembly

Gather your parts!

Wrap Harness adapter assembly plastic bag around standard hexagon mount plate, place in plastic case in bin closest to lid hinge

Place Hotend assembly in plastic case in bin closest to the latch

Apply proper Hexagon Hot End retail box label on exterior of lid, bottom of label nearest plastic case latch, close bin lid

Bagged Hotend
Let's get packing
Adapter plate and adapter harness
Adapter plate and adapter harness
Completed packing
Ensure you have the proper label for the kit you are sealing, look for the nozzle size on the label
Labeled kit (need new picture)
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