Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Hot Tightening Workflow

1 Thread the Heat Break into the Heat Sink

Place the heat sink in one of the 6 machined slots and lock it into place once the top of the heat sink is flush with the machined slot. [reference#1]

Then take the heat break and thread it into the heat sink make sure to thread it all the way

Then using a channel lock with leather sleeves tighten the heat break

Place the heat sink in one of the machined slots
Orientation of the heat break
Thread the heat break into the heat sink
Tighten the heat break

2 Thread the Nozzle into the Heat Block and Remove the Wires

Remove the blue and red wires, these will be installed in a later step

Place the heat block on the table with the head of the screw facing up [reference#2]

Then thread the nozzle into the heat block once the nozzle is fully threaded in loosen it by half a turn.

Loosen the screw and remove the red wires
Loosen the set screw and remove the blue screws
[reference#2] Thread the nozzle into the heat block

3 Attach the Heat Block to the Heat Break

Take the heat block with the nozzle and thread it on to the heat break, if the heat break goes past the correct orientation [reference#3] then twist it back to the correct orientation and leave the heat block loose. This will be fix when you tighten the nozzle

Make sure the heat block is parallel with the support extrusion

[reference#3] Loosen the heat block till the heat block is in the correct orientation (INCORRECT orientation)
Thread the heat block onto the heat break (CORRECT orientation)

4 Connect the Extruder Wires

Then attach the red and blue wires make sure the nozzle is on the left and the wire are pointing to you [reference#4] then tighten the set screw and screw

Connect the two red wires to the red 3D printed connector (order doesn't matter)
Keep the leads away from any metal to prevent an electrical arc

Then connect the blue wires to the red and black wire

[reference#4] Install wires
Connect the red wires to the red 3D printed part and the blue wires to the red and black

5 Heat the Heat Block

There are two touch screens that control the 6 stations. The touch screen that has the green power switch controls the top three stations and the touch screen with the red power switch control the three bottom stations. The top and bottom stations are labeled Extruder 1, Extruder 2, and Bed respectively starting on the left

Turn on the corresponding touch screen then select the temperature settings then depending on what station you want to heat set the temperature to 285 degrees C.


Layout of the machine
Go to the temperature settings
Set the temperature to 285 C
Make sure the right element is heated to 285 C

6 Tighten the Nozzle

Then using torque wrench and the 17 mm wrench tighten the nozzle to 2.5 newtonmeter or 22.13 inlbs
Make sure not to touch the end of the wrench that was touching the heat block or nozzle

Once the nozzle is tight then go back into the temperature settings and set the temp to 0 degrees C

Wait till the temp is below 45 degrees before touching or moving the heat block

Use both wrenches to tighten the nozzle
Wait for the temp to drop to 45 C before removing
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