Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Flexystruder V1 Assembly Workflow

1 Gather necessary tools and parts


1 - Flexystruder Body
1 - Large Herringbone Gear
1 - Small Herringbone Gear
1 - Extruder mount, TAZ
1 - Extruder Washer

1 - M3 Nut
1 - M3 Set Screw (Grub Screw)
4 - M3-.5 3.8mm Heatset Insert
3 - M3 x 5 Bolt, SHCS Black-Oxide
3 - M3 Washer, Steel, Zinc Plated
2 - M4 x 20 Bolt, SHCS Black-Oxide
2 - M4 Washer
2 - M4 Nut,Zinc-Plated Steel
1 - Hobbed, M8 x 60 Hex Head Bolt
1 - M8 Nyloc Nut, Zinc Plated
4 - M8 Washer, Steel, Zinc Plated
2 - 608ZZ bearing
1 - M5-.8 11mm Heatset Insert
1 - M5 x 20 Bolt
1 - Thumb Screw Knob for M5 SHCS, Black
75mm - .25”ODx.125”ID PTFE tube (~2.5”)

1 - Assy, Budaschnozzle 2.0c with 0.5 nozzle
1 - NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, wires cut to 60mm
4 - Connector Pins, Male
1 - Connector, 4 pin Male housing with latch
50mm - EMI/RFI-Shield Heat-Shrink Tubing 3/16" ID Before, 3/32" ID After, 48" L, Black

13mm Wrench
2.5mm Allen Driver
1.5mm Allen Driver
3.5mm drillbit
6.5mm drillbit
8mm drillbit
Box cutter

Necessary drillbits
1.5mm allen key
2.5mm allen key
13mm wrench

2 Install Heatset inserts

Using a soldering iron, insert 4 M3 heatset inserts into the sides of the extruder mount and one M5 heatset insert into the side of the flexystruder body. Make sure that the tops of the inserts are flush with the surface of the part.

Inserting the M5 heatset into the side of the flexystruder
Flexystruder after insert installed
Extruder mount with inserts (2 more on back side)

3 Drill out the filament path for the PTFE tube

Using a 6.5mm drillbit, drill through the entire length of the flextstruder from the top down. The existing hole should guide the drillbit through.

Drillin the flexystruder

4 Insert the PTFE tube

Cut a piece of the PTFE tube to 2.5", or just longer than the length of the Flexystruder Body. Slide this piece onto the 2.5mm allen wrench, and then press into the flexystruder body so that a small amount is sticking out from the top and bottom.

PTFE tube before inserting
Aww yess.

5 Drill out the filament path

Drill out the entire length of the PTFE tube with a 3.5mm drillbit. This should clear out the drilled section of the PTFE tube.

Drilling the PTFE
Make sure that the hole is clean, without any scraps of plastic hanging off it

6 Drilling out the Hobbed bolt hole

Using an 8mm drill bit, drill through the PTFE tube using the bolt hole through the flexystruder body as a guide

Drill with this side up so that the printed part guides the drillbit through the PTFE tube
After drilling

7 Trim the PTFE

Using a box cutter, trim the ends of the ptfe tube flush with the end of the flexystruder body

Before trimming
After Trimming

8 Insert thumb screw

Screw in the M5 x 20 with thumb screw cap into the M5 insert in the side of the extruder. It only needs to be finger tight.

Insert screw here

9 Assemble body

Press the M8 hobbed bolt into the larger gear, then stack 4 M8 washers, 1 608ZZ bearing and the printed washer on the hobbed bolt. Press it in to the front of the extruder body (the one that printed flat on the glass).

Check to make sure that the teeth of the hobbed gear line up with the hole in the PTFE tube, if it doesn't you may need to remove washers and/or add shims

On the other side, stack a single 608zz bearing, a sacher and the M8 nylock nut. Tighten until the gear no longer wobbles at all, but spins freeley.

Exploded view of all parts on hobbed bolt shaft

10 Put small herringbone gear on motor

Install the M3 nut into the bottom of the small herringbone gear.
Then install the M3 x 6mm set screw through the side of the small gear and into the nut.
Be sure the M3 x 6mm set screw does not protrude into the hole through the small gear.

Locate the flat side of the motor shaft.
With the set screw aligned with the flat, slide the small gear onto the motor shaft.
The location will be adjusted later so positioning isn't important at this point.
Do not tighten the set screw yet.

nut goes here, pointey side up
Use set screw to secure nut in place, make sure it's not protruding into the center hole
Slide onto stepper, no need to tighten just yet

11 Install motor

Holding the motor in the location where it will be mounted, align the herringbone gears by sliding the small gear in or out on the motor shaft so the V-grooves are centered on each other.

Install motor using 3x M3 x mm SHCS and 3x M3 washers, taking note of the orientation of the motor wires.

Push the gears together while you tighten the bolts to make sure the contact is tight.
Tighten the set screw on the small herring bone gear.

Attach the motor as shown

12 Attach Flexystruder to extruder mount

Using 2 M4 x 20 screws, 4x M4 washers and 2x M4 nuts, secure the Flexystruder body and Budashnozzle to the extruder mount as shown. Use a small piece of ABS filament to make sure that the budashnozzle and flexystruder line up. Remove this filament after bolts are tightened.

Exploded view
Assembled view

13 Review the assembly

Review your work. Looks nice, doesn't it?

Woot Woot Flexy
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