Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly Flexystruder V2 body Assembly Workflow

1 Gather tools and components for assembly


  • 1x- Extruder Body

  • 1x- Large Herringbone Gear with Hobbed Bolt

  • 60mm- PTFE tubing 6.5mm OD, 3.0mm ID

  • 1x- 608 Bearing

  • 1x- M3 x 6 set screw

  • 1x- M8 Nyloc Nut

  • 1x- M8 Washer

  • 1x- M8 Shim Washer 0.5mm, as needed

  • 1x- M8 Shim Washer 1..0mm, as needed


  • 13 mm Wrench

  • Precision craft knife (ex. Xacto style)

  • 3.5mm drill bit, at least 75mm long

  • 6.5mm drill bit, at least 75mm long- increase bit diameter to address variances in PTFE outer diameter, PTFE must still be a press fit into the part

  • Electric drill, preferably a drill press

  • Utility knife


2 Prepare extruder body

Using a ~6.5mm drill, from bottom of body, ream out the entire length of the filament feed hole

Cut a ~60mm long section of PTFE tubing making sure at least one end is cut to 90degrees

Position the 90degree cut side toward the bottom of the extruder body and press the PTFE tube into the filament feed hole until it is flush with the bottom of the extruder body

Ream out Filament feed hole
Critical 90Degree cut side aligns with part bottom
Press in

3 Drill and trim PTFE

Using a 3.5mm drill bit ream out the entire length of the filament feed hole

Verify the PTFE is flush with the bottom of the extruder body; Secure the PTFE in place; Align a 8mm drill bit with the center hole of the extruder body, it will be used as a guide for the drill bit.

Drill out the PTFE that occupies the extruder body center

Deburr the trimmed PTFE; using a knife cut off excess PTFE flush from the top of the extruder body

Drill out to 3.5mm
Flush PFTE with bottom of body
Align 8mm bit for cross cutting PTFE
Only remove burrs from PTFE and ABS materials, be careful to not cut away any additional material
Trim excess PTFE from top of body

4 Install gear, bolt and first bearing

If needed, press hobbed bolt into large herringbone gear.

Install 2x M8 washer onto hobbed bolt then a 608 bearing.

Once installed, does the hobbing on the bolt line up with the small hole going thru the extruder body?

If you need to adjust it's location, you can add either a 0.50mm or 1.0mm shim washer to get the correct spacing

Two washers onto bolt (needs a picture)
Hobbing alignment with side edge of body
Check hobbing alignment with hole
Looking through the feed tube the hobbing center must align with the hole center

5 Complete Extruder assembly

On the opposite side of the gear, add a 608 bearing, M8 Washer and a M8 nyloc nut.

Tighten the Locknut down until the bearing is seated and there is no space between the Nut, Washer and Bearing. Once tightened the washer under the M8 nut should not be able to move.

You may need to go back and add or subtract a 1mm shim washer or .5mm shim washer.

The large gear shouldn't be able to rock back and fourth, but should spin freely.

Install printed washer and bearing
Washer placed on top of bearing
Parts are installed, tighten nut until the large gear no longer rocks back and fourth but can still spin freely.
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