Project Dashboard Tutorials Cura Software Flashing Firmware Through Cura 4+ Workflow

1 Software Needed

Ensure you are downloading and using the LulzBot Cura edition version 4+ from

Cura LE 4

2 Setting Up Your Printer

When adding a new printer, or setting up a printer for the first time, make your way to the manage printer window.

In the upper left corner of Cura, select the small downward arrow to expand the dropdown menu. Select Manage Printers to open the manage printers window.

At the top of the newly opened window, select the add button to add a new printer or tool head.

Be sure to select the correct printer and tool head from the available options on the Add Printer screen and click the Add button in the bottom right hand corner.

A new window Machine Settings window will appear that you can close out of by selecting the Finish button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Manage printers drop down menu
Add printers
Add printer window
Finish in machine settings

3 Flashing Firmware

After closing out of the Machine Settings window, you will be brought back to the Manage Printers window.

Ensure that the correct printer/tool head is selected and highlighted in blue.

Close this window and go back to the Cura main screen before clicking on the MONITOR tab at the top of the software.

Once connected, locate the Firmware Update button under Connect, Disconnect, and Console, and click that to open the firmware update window.

You can follow the on screen warnings to save your current E-step and offset values if you are going to install your previous tool head again in the future.
If you are installing one of our universal tool heads, you do not need to restore the E-steps from your old tool head.

The new firmware will install the correct E-step value for your new tool head.

Select Update Firmware, or Upload custom Firmware if choosing a firmware file manually.

Once started, a progress bar will show the status of the firmware installation and will indicate when the firmware update has completed. Your printer will restart once the firmware update has finished.

Monitor tab to connect
Monitor and update firmware
Update firmware buttons
Firmware progress bar
Firmware update complete

4 Selecting Your Tool Head

Depending on your printer and the firmware version used, you will still need to select the correct tool head via your printers LCD.

Navigate to the first menu screen on your printers LCD and select the Tool Heads menu.

Scroll down until you find the correct tool head that corresponds with the tool head installed on your printer and select it.

Locate tool head menu
Select the correct tool head
TAZ Pro menu
TAZ Pro tool head menu

5 Additional Information

Once you have updated your firmware, you may need to adjust your printers z-offset as all previous settings will be overwritten.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support staff at

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