Project Dashboard Maintenance and Repairs Calibration Extruder Calibration With Cura Workflow

1 Getting Started


At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBotĀ® 3D printer. Any modifications or attempted repairs that cause damage are not covered under the Warranty.

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Rocktopi Rule

2 LulzBot Usage

  • These directions can be used with any LulzBot Tool Head.
  • Dual extruder users will need to repeat this process for both heads if desired.
  • Flexystruder tool heads and the Flexystruder portion of the FlexyDually tool head will need to use a feed rate of 20mm/min to extrude.
  • To extrude at 20mm/min enter: G1 F20 E100

3 Power Up

  • Power on your printer
  • Connect your printer via USB
Power Up

4 Connect To Cura

  • Switch to Monitor tab and select Connect
Load STL file

5 Pre Heat Tool Head

  • Set hot end temperature to your specific filament's printing temperature
  • Next Select Pre-Heat
Pre Heat Tool Head

6 Mark Filament

  • Measure from location shown
  • Mark filament at 100mm and 120mm
Measure From Here
Mark Filament

7 Extrude 100mm of Filament at 75mm/min

  • In the control window enter the following:
  • G92 E0 (enter)
  • G1 F75 E100 (enter)

Note: Dual Extruder and FlexyDually users will need to use the G91 command instead of G92.

Extrude 100mm of filament

8 Measure Amount Extruded

  • Measure amount of filament brought into the hot end
  • Calculate the number of mm' the tool head over/under extruded
Measure Amount Extruded

9 Determine old Esteps

  • In the Control Window of Cura type M501 to report old Esteps
  • Your Esteps will be reported in the Dialog box as EXXX
Determine old Esteps

10 Determine New Esteps

  • Add 7mm to your Esteps for every mm your printer under extruded
  • Subtract 7mm from your Esteps for every mm your pinter over extruded
Determine New Esteps

11 Update Esteps

  • Through the Control Window type in M92 EXXX (where XXX is your new Estep number)
Update Esteps

12 Double Check Extrusion

  • Repeat step 5 through step 7 to verify 100mm of filament is extruded exactly.
  • If it is not extruding exactly 100mm repeat steps 8 through 11
Double Check Extrusion

13 Store New Esteps

  • Type in M500 in the control window to save you new Esteps/mm
Store New Esteps

14 You're Done!

  • Enjoy the printing with your fine tuned extruder!
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