Project Dashboard TAZ 3 X End Idler Assembly, TAZ KT-CP0029 Workflow

1 Gather parts and tools for X end idler.

  • Components:

    • X end idler with inserts
    • Double bearing holder with bearings
    • M3 x 12 SHCS
    • M3 Washer
    • 608 Bearing
    • M8 x 35 BHCS
    • M8 Washer
    • M8 Nyloc Nut
  • Tools:

    • 2.5mm Allen Driver
    • 5mm Allen Driver
    • 13mm Wrench
2.5mm allen driver
5mm allen driver
13mm wrench

2 Assemble bearings onto X end idler.

Install 2 608 Bearings with the M8 x 35 BHCS, M8 washers and M8 Nyloc nut.
Tighten Bolt all the way down.
Note, there is no washer under the head of the bolt.

Parts to assemble bearings.
M8 washers on both sides of bearings.
No washer under bolt head.
M8 Washer under nut

3 Assemble double bearing holder onto X end idler.

Assemble the double bearing holder onto the x end idler with 4x M3 x 12 SHCS and washers.
Leave the bearing holder loose at this point.

Required parts to assemble the double bearing holder.
Bearing holder assembled, take note of orientation.
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