Project Dashboard Hot End & Tool Head Assembly MOARstruder Packaging Workflow

1 MOARstruder- Gather parts

  • 1x ESD Foam- Extruder Pin (HD-MS0375)

  • Glue stick (TL-CS0117)

  • 1x- M3 black oxide washer (HD-WA0038)

  • 1x- M3x20 SHCS (HD-BT0007)

  • 8 meters of Taulman T-glase clear (RM-PE0001)

  • 4x6” 2mil reclosable bag (SH-PG0003)

  • 1x- 6x9” 2 mil reclosable bag (SH-PG0006)

  • 1x- Tool head inner carton (SH-BX0072)

  • Congratulations instruction card (DC-MS0060)

  • Firmware update warning card (DC-MS0061)

  • Tool head outer carton (SH-BX0071)

  • MOARstrder Tool Head packaging sleeve (DC-LB0115)

  • Korrvu Retention pack (SH-PA0043)

  • MOARstruder tool head

  • Made in Colorado sticker (DC-MS0037)

  • 8 inches white LulzBot logo Kraft tape (SH-PG0131)

Gather supplies- boxes
Gather supplies- bags
Gather supplies- accessories
Gather supplies- cards
Gather supplies- tool head

2 MOARstruder- Assembling accessory box

Place the glue stick, M3x20 SHCS and M3 black oxide washer into the 4x6” reclosable bag and seal the bag.

Coil the clear T-glase filament so that it can fit in the 6x9” reclosable bag.

Slide the coiled filament into the 6x9” relcosable bag. Slide the 4x6” reclosable bag with the glue, M3 screw and M3 washer, into the 6x9” reclosable bag and seal the bag.

Place the bag into the tool head inner carton.

Place the “congratulations card” and the “firmware update warning card” (warning card on top), onto the accessories bag.

Close the box

4x6” bag, Glue stick and hardware installed
6x9” bag, coiled filament installed
accessory bag
Cards in box

3 MOARstruder- Finalizing packaging

Install the ESD- Foam for the extruder pins onto the end of the extruder connectors extended pins.

Lay the Korrvu Retention pack with the plastic facing up. Slide the tool head under the plastic sleeve. Ensure the tool head is centered.

Fold both wings of the Korrvu Retention pack back and under itself to secure the tool head.

Fold the sides of the Korrvu Retention pack upward.

Place the secured tool head in the tool head outer carton box.

Place the accessories box (Tool head inner carton) on top of the secured tool head. Accessories box should sit on the upward folded wings of the Korrvu Retention pack. Note the orientation of the triangle in the accessory box lid in relation to the lid hinge.

Close the tool head outer carton box

Place a 8" piece of white LulzBot logo Kraft tape (SH-PG0131) on the long part of the closed box.

Install the MOARstruder packaging sleeve (DC-LB0115) over the MOARstruder carton, The sleeve is to be oriented with the opening of the box so that the box lid is up and will open from front to back.

Place the clear acetate stickers (SH-PA0051) as shown half on the sleeve half on the box.

On the right side of the MOARstruder packaging, place the Made in Colorado sticker near the top right corner as shown.

securing tool head
Top and bottom wings folded
Sides folded up
Secured tool head in tool head outer carton
accessory box on toolhead
Place tape on box
Install MOARsturder packaging sleeve
Place clear sticker
Place clear sticker
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